Major Planets Transit And Its Effect Of All Zodiac Signs in 2022

Major planets transit
Post Date: April 2, 2022

Major Planets Transit And Its Effect Of All Zodiac Signs in 2022

Major Planets Transit Shift & Beginning Of A New Era

Major planets will transit in one single month. Which normally doesn’t happen. Like some other planets like Jupiter or Saturn which stay for a longer period of time. Hence, do not change the signs with other planets. This Major Planet Transit is a very special time as many things will be changing this time. It might be fruitful for some zodiacs and some zodiacs need to be careful during this transit.

But this time all the planets will be shifting their signs in the month of April 2022 itself. This is a major shift and indicates the beginning of a new era.

Planets Transits Taking Place On The Month Of April

Mars transits in Aquarius on 7 April 2022,
Mercury transits in Aries on 8 April 2022,

Rahu transit in Aries on 12 April 2022. Ketu transit in Libra on 12 April 2022. Jupiter transit in Pisces on 13 April 2022. Sun transit in Aries on 14 April 2022. Venus transits in Pisces on 27 April 2022 and Saturn transit in Aquarius on 29 April 2022.


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In this Major planets transit-

Mars the planet of aggression will go haywire and it can mean an unexpected drastic move by the arm forces. Mercury the planet of communication and intellect will make it more disturbing as the influence of media. It will increase and can be misused by those in control. Rahu will also look more ruthless with some new developments in science and technology.

Ketu will also go out of control, Planets like Sun in Aries means the divine will intervene now which is a good thing and also Saturn in Aquarius will bring justice and punish and suppress the evil forces, Venus in Pisces also looks good which means the process will begin to clean up the society and destroy Evil.

But this will be a long battle as the impact of these transits will be felt in coming years. Possibly it’s an indication of a strong belief about a new Avatar confronting the Evil. In Vedic terms it can mean both forces- Kal (ruler of Kalyug) and Lord Kalki (the killer of Kal) are working on their own strategies for the final battle when kaliyug ends. It’s in same lines as in Christianity, The Second Coming of Jesus to establish his kingdom.

So these next 10 years are crucial, ie 2020-2030. Kal will come face to face even in front of the masses and also will Lord Kalki or their presence can be felt in some or other form. So it will be Major Planets Transit And Its Effect Of All Zodiac Signs

By- Bharat B Bajaj

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What are the major planetary changes in 2022?

Saturn transit, Jupiter transit and Rahu Ketu transit is the major transit which is happening is 2022. As Saturn takes 30 months to transit from one zodiac to another and 3o years to complete all 12 zodiac. Where as Jupiter takes 12 to 13 months to transit from one zodiac to another and Rahu Ketu takes 17 months to transit from one zodiac to another although is not a planet they are the nodes , but as three of them are transiting on the same month in 2022 its a big celestial event.

What time does the Sun enter Taurus 2022?

Sun transit in Aries 2022: On 15th May, at 5:45 am, Sun God is leaving Aries and entering Taurus.

What planets will align in 2022?

Throughout April and May 2022, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus  are going to align  in the sky. Which will give different kind of effects on each zodiac signs. For getting in-depth knowledge of what is going to happen in your life consult with our senior astrologer now.

Which Planet transit are happening on April 2022?

The month of April 2022 is full of Astrological Event Where three major planets transit like Jupiter transit, Saturn transit, and Rahu transit, Sun transit are happening. As a result They are changing zodiac signs and will transit in different Zodiac Signs. Saturn will transit after 30 months in Aquarius from 28th April 2022 till March 2025, Jupiter is Transiting after 13 months in Pisces from13th April 2022 till 21st April 2023, And Rahu Ketu is Transiting after 18 months in Aries & Libra zodiac signs till 30th October 2023. Sun is transiting on Aries on April 14, 2022 at 8:33 am till 15th may 2022


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