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Love Horoscopes: Easy Ways To Check Love Marriage in Horoscope

Love Horoscopes
Post Date: September 11, 2020

Love Horoscopes: Easy Ways To Check Love Marriage in Horoscope

Marriage is a sacred bond and a God-given gift that brings us to a friend with whom we live life to the fullest. Everyone wants to live a good and happy life by a good life partner. Here we will tell you with the help of astrology. What kind of marriage is there in your life, ie your love will be marriage or arranged marriage.

Here are the remedies in Hindi for wedding yoga and love marriage in the horoscope, it is given information about different types of yoga related to marriage.

Your horoscope determines whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage and your birth chart indicates how you will find your life partner and how to find it. There are some planets that indicate about love marriage. There are two types of marriages in Indian Sanskrit, love marriage and arranged marriage. Marriage is traditionally arranged in the Orange Marriage where the parents of the two families decide on the marriage while in the Love Marriage the boy and the girl study in Love and accept the decision to marry according to their will and later They also get married. But even today in Indian Sanskrit, only parents find a boy or girl for our marriage. It is very difficult to know about love marriage with the help of astrology, but even if you read this article completely, you will be able to understand it from your horoscope whether there is a love marriage in your yoga or an arranged marriage. .

Know about your life partner
Love marriage was not very popular in India 40 or 50 years ago, but as time has changed, the practice of love marriage continues to grow, so love marriage is a topic of discussion for astrology and this topic is very important and social .

Planets responsible in astrology for love marriage
For all marriages, we have to determine the seventh, fifth, eighth and eleventh house. The signs we want to see are Scorpio, Gemini and Pisces. The planets mainly responsible for love marriage are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon and Mercury. While predicting the marriage horoscope for the love marriage, checking the condition of these planets is extremely important.

Information about the joy of married life and about divorce or separation
For the information of love marriage in the horoscope, let us now discuss in detail the conditions of these planets one by one:

Seventh Home: It is the home of a relationship. It plays important responsibility for all types of partner ship marriage partner sex partner romance partner etc. This house also tells a lot about our marriage and married life. Therefore, in astrology, it is an important house for the sign of love marriage, without the cooperation of this house, there can be no happiness in the relationship.

Fifth House: This house gives information about romance and affairs, so it is very important to examine this planet to check love and romance in the horoscope. The fifth planet should be a perfection partnership for Love Marriage. Planets in the fifth house are also considered to be equal partners for love and romance.

Eighth house: The eighth house gives information about physical intimacy, sexual pleasure etc. It also points to things that are secret. It does not have a direct effect while doing a wedding yoga check in the horoscope but it plays an extremely important responsibility in love and relationships.

Eleventh Home: It provides us with the desire to gain success and important information about our friends and family relations. This planet is not considered responsible for love yoga, but it is a very important house for family relationship.

The planet Venus is considered a symbol for love romance and whatever is beautiful, this planet is considered very responsible for marriage, love and romance. It acts as a natural indicator for marriage. For men, it provides information about the wife. Therefore, while making the horoscope of love marriage in astrology, Venus is a very important planet in the case of love marriage.

Mars represents about male energy. In the case of girls, this planet also tells about the boyfriend. Mars represents our inner passion or fire. In Nadi astrology, this eclipse shows about the husband of women.

Rahu displays insatiable (greedy) desires. This planet represents everything that is against tradition or social norms. It makes a person sexier and infuses the will power to enjoy in life. It plays the most important role in the sign of love marriage after Venus.

Mercury planet is mostly misunderstood to support love marriage, this planet is like a prince who always wants to enjoy and have fun. It transmits youthful energy. In Nadi astrology, it also shows the friends of the opposite sex, so for the right information about how to go to Prem Vivah Yoga, it is very important to get the condition of Mercury planet too.

The last nakshatra for the information of marriage yoga in the horoscope is the moon, it rules the mind and is the most important thing in terms of love and romance. Love marriage For marriage, you should have an inclination towards love and romance. Some people are so serious or practical that it is difficult for them to fall in love and romance.

From astrology to horoscope love marriage, the emotional and sensitive signs with the moon play a very important role when predicting love marriage. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces are more prominent in lover’s horoscope. If you are born in these zodiac signs with ascending or moon, then you have a better chance of love marriage than arranged marriage.


Astrology remedy for love marriage in hindi
Based on the above facts, we will now discuss the principles that point to love marriage in astrology. Information about remedy in Hindi for love marriage will prove very useful for you.

Based on our marriage report, you can decide whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

Will there be love marriage or know how to arrange marriage?

Love is the most prominent clue to marriage when a home of love and romance make a clear connection to the house itself. If the 5th lord is placed in the 7th house or the 7th lord is in the 5th house in a water sign, the chances of love marriage are very high.

Fifth and seventh students honored or fifth and seventh masters sign exchanger constellation exchange or fifth and seventh masters have taken mutual initiative, then u are also very important traits for love marriage in astrology. If the 5th lord is in the 11th or with the 11th house, it strengthens the conjunction.

The 8th house is the House of Sex and Physical Intimacy, if the 5th house is having a relationship with the 8th house as if the 5th lord is placed in the 8th house or the 5th and 8th lord is conjunct.

The 8th house is the House of Sex and Physical Intemacy. If the 5th house is having a relationship with the 8th house as if the 5th lord is placed in the 8th house or the 5th and 8th lord is conjunct or is significantly more likely to be involved in the mutual aspect.

But most of all it is a secret affair. If there is no connection with the seventh house or its lord, then it makes it less likely to determine the love horoscope.

Mars Venus coincidence or Nikhil hunting or sign exchange are signs of passion and interest in romance. This relationship is much more effective if the name is in the chart or sign of Mars or Venus conjunction. If such combinations occur in the horoscope then it is definitely the sum of love marriage.


What is love in astrology
The Center for Astrological Research has its own concepts about its nature that can be classified

Emotional love
Physical love
Emotional love: In emotional love, a person is emotionally attached to whether the object of his affection is far or near. Such purely emotional love is represented by the Moon as the Moon is the ruler of emotions.

Love marriage yoga in horoscope
It is the most amazing feeling in the world to be bound in marriage with your soul forever. The understanding and love shared between love partners cannot be explained in simple terms. But loving each other is not enough to get married because there are various circumstances that become an obstacle in love marriage such as family rejection, social matters, financial issues, business or job issues, marriage issues etc., to resolve Are too harsh for.

For deciding the marriage of two people, love marriage yoga matching in the horoscope is very necessary. Kundali directly means birth chart, i.e. the position of planets at birth and their positive or negative impact on people’s lives. Horoscope matching is done to read the future couple’s birth chart and their future happiness together with their compatibility. Well-learned astrologers with years of practice have developed the ability to predict interracial marriage horoscopes to relieve the lives of lovers with interracial issues.

All those who are surprised and eager to know who is my life partner by astrology, can seek the help of love marriage experts. By presenting their horoscope to a real astrologer, they can know the type of marriage, duration of marriage, age of marriage, the person they will be married to, post-marriage life and ways to prevent marriage barriers. Marrying havan or puja. High quality astrologers can also submit a marriage horoscope in the name of the person who came to them for consultation. Online and offline astrologers also approach free love marriage for unhappy and afflicted love partners

Many people are also interested in knowing about their future lives after marriage, whether their relationship is harmonious, or they will fall apart. Married life astrology is very beneficial in cases where there is a possibility of future marriage disturbances, as it can be prevented by Graf Shanti Havan or other solutions which can reduce or minimize the negative impact of planets on life.

Those who are engaged, but their marriage is delayed due to frequent interruptions, can also consult a top notch and well experienced astrologer. All these issues such as misunderstandings, financial issues, health failure, emotional trauma, family issues, social issues, serious defects, horoscope defects, and others; It can be dealt with very easily by skilled and reliable astrologers to help make married life happier. Apart from the above issues, other matters related to marriage can also be solved by skilled, reliable and genuine astrologers who provide good services. Provide.

How will the love marriage happen or know the orange marriage?
Nowadays people are eager to know whether their love marriage will happen or how to know the arranged marriage. Even though they have a mindset about their marriage, everyone wants to know about their marriage in advance. The marriage will be delayed or their marriage will be like a film story or like normal weddings, they are all trying to know these things. By the way, the biggest curiosity is about whether their marriage will be arranged or love. If this question keeps going in your mind too often, then the answer is present in your horoscope. Everyone is needed to understand this yoga of horoscope. Know whether your horoscope has a love marriage or it will be orange marriage? People who have Venus sign in the heart line of both hands and Venus line is cutting above the health line, then they have an illegal love affair. . Will there be love marriage or know how to arrange marriage? To get an answer to this question, astrologers look at our hand line and horoscope, then tell how the love marriage will happen or how to know an orange marriage.

Lagan Kundli
It is very important to conclude a marriage. Do you also want to know how to look at the horoscope? Western astrology and Indian astrology are two different things. While many Westerners consider astrology to be a guiding factor in their lives, Indian astrology plays an integral role in directing the lives of many Indians. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this astrology is the compatibility between man and woman. This becomes even more important when the subject of marriage arises. But how is it actually determined?

Such as Western astrology, Indian astrology, or Vedic astrology, makes full use of planets and constellations. However, Indian individuals use a horoscope or horoscope to guide them from birth to adulthood and especially in the field of marital life. To make a horoscope, very specific information is required. These include the exact date of birth, the exact time after birth, and the exact location. But once you know this, what do you do with that information? The family or person then creates a birth chart for the male or female child.

Astrology remedy of love marriage in hindi
Obstacles in marriage due to horoscope and planetary defects, the Lal Kitab has given definite measures. The age of marriage is over and if you want to get married then you should try these ten rules of Vastu. You will get the desired life partner, get married soon. According to Vastu and astrology, young girls who want to get married should reduce the use of dark colored clothes. The reason for this is that dark-colored Saturn, Rahu and Ketu represent these three planets that hinder marriage. Whether you want to have a love marriage or a traditional marriage, these things should be kept in mind. Single boys and girls who live away from home and live in a shared room or study and often live in rented house and friends. Live with If you live like this then you should put your bed near the door to remove the obstacles facing the marriage and get the desired life partner quickly.

Those who want to get married should keep in mind that those who come to talk about marriage at home should sit in such a way that their mouth is facing inside the house. Individuals talking about marriage are less likely to be confirmed when they are facing outward. Those who are getting interrupted in their marriage should take special care of this. A person desirous of marriage should keep his feet towards north and head in south direction while sleeping.

love marriage
In the current era, love marriages, such as one phase has remained. But love marriages also have some faults. According to astrology, hand lines tell us about the future. There is also a line in these lines that states that you will have a love marriage or orange marriage. Let us tell you whether your marriage will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. If the distance between the marriage line and heart line is very less in someone’s hands, then such people are likely to get married at a young age. If there is a mountain sign at the beginning of the marriage line, then there are chances of being deceived by such a woman! While the marriage line is very close to the heart line, you have 20



Marriage Yoga in Kundali
Regarding the causal planets of lagna yoga in the horoscope, astrologers say that when Jupiter sees the fifth house, it makes a strong yoga of marriage in the horoscope of the native. The fate of Jupiter or the Ascendant and the sitting of Jupiter in the Mahadasha is also a factor of marriage. If Jupiter occupies the eleventh place in the year horoscope, then there is a lot of possibility for the person to get married in that year. Among the planets of Ascendant, Jupiter along with Venus, Moon and Buddha are also considered yogic. When these planets are sighted on the fifth, then that time also creates the circumstances of marriage. Not only this, it is also helpful for marriage if you have to walk together in panchamesh or saptamesh situations.

Signs of marriage yoga in horoscope
When both Mercury and Venus are in the seventh house, the promise of marriage continues, the marriage takes place at half age. If Saturn is in the seventh or seventh house from your zodiac sign, then you are not interested in marriage. In the seventh, Saturn and Guru’s marriage is late. When our horoscope is formed, then astrologers tell whether or not there is Vivaha Yoga before the date of birth. In the seventh house from the moon, the Guru marries late, so It is believed that the Moon is in Cancer. If the lord of the triple house is in the seventh house, there is no auspicious planet, then male marriage is delayed. If Saturn sees Mars ascendant or Rashipati, and if the Guru is sitting in the twelfth house, then marriage is delayed as spirituality increases. In the seventh house and in the twelfth house, there should be no factor of the guru or auspicious planets, if the moon is weak in the family house, then marriage does not happen, even if you go, there is no child. If the marriage is late, if married in Rahu’s condition or Rahu is afflicted in the seventh, then the marriage is broken, it is all due to mental confusion.

Benefits of love marriage
There are many advantages for those who love love marriage, one of them is the freedom to choose one’s partner. The person is also responsible for the good or bad consequences that can occur in a love marriage. In the marriage marriage, the partners know each other better and accept each other in spite of their shortcomings or bad habits. And when someone knows his partner better then he can deal with any future conflict better. In love marriage there is no compulsion in love; Couples do not love each other to love it comes from their true feelings for each other. A love marriage is the perfect bonding of souls and is therefore the secret of their stability. When partners are in perfect harmony, daily tasks are nothing and marital difficulties can be easily overcome with the help of each other. However, if a love marriage is superficial and depends only on physical attraction, it is very unlikely to be permanent. Love marriage also helps in bridging the differences of caste, creed and religion and this is especially important in India. You can get an astrology to find out if there is love yoga in your horoscope.

Loss of love marriage
Those who oppose love marriages cite different reasons and think that these types of marriages do not last long. There is no family support for some couples and even their relatives do not approve of their marriage. The biggest disadvantage of a love marriage is that the possibility of a breakup is far greater due to the freedom that each partner enjoys. In the Indian context, a love marriage is almost a disgrace to the family and the boy or girl is like an outsider. Live. However modern Indian families approve of their children’s love marriages as times have changed. In the end what matters is that there is a personal relationship between the partners and this helps the relationship to last longer.


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