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Sri Astro Vastu brings you a prominent love astrology prediction online platform for love astrology prediction by date of birth. We have many Senior Astrologers, who are experienced in Love Astrology and can determine the significance of love in your horoscope and may also help you determine the chances of getting the Love of your Life. Your Love Life prediction by name and date of birth or kundli is an effective way of determining love life in your horoscope. A Detailed guide to Love Astrology 2022


Love is the basis of Marriage and your Love Life astrology from Senior renowned Astrologers from Sri Astro Vastu is an effective way to get a clear idea of the chances of success in achieving your love and any queries that might be in your mind, seeking answers. Our Online Love Astrology prediction helps you with personal love horoscope by date of birth and time. So do not wait for the situation to be alright, consult about your Love Astrology in your Horoscope


So find out if there is Love in your Horoscope this 2021 – 2022

Love, marriage and romance are governed by Planet Venus. This is a planet which is responsible for the success or failure in your love life. Venus governs marital prospects of men, and women’s prospects are governed by Mars and Jupiter. Sun is another planet which plays an important part in the female’s chart Astrological aspects can help predict and analyze the future of a relationship. There are a number of ways to make love predictions. With the help of Astrology based love predictions, you can know more about your existing relationship, and unravel important milestones in your life.


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Life is full of questions. But whatever the question or life situation you’re facing, you can talk to our experienced astrologers who are well versed in providing guidance and powerful insights using vedic astrology regarding:

Talk To An Expert Astrologer Regarding Love Concerns:

• When will you find your true love?
• Is your family not accepting your relationship?
• Will you get success in love?
• Are you facing compatibility issues?
• Will family accept your intercaste relationship?
• Will you get married to the person you love?

How will our astrologer help you regarding your love concerns?

Your birth chart holds significant importance for love, romance & relationship related issues. Find out how the planetary movements could influence your love life. Our expert Astrologers will decode your compatibility and help you work towards a fruitful relationship.


Benefits Of Talking To An Expert Astrologer On Phone:

Show You Right Direction:

Our astrologers are able to shed light on a situation and then guide you to the right path.

Feel Happy & Stress-Free:

Our expert astrologers can help you see life in a fresh way and regain happiness.

Speedy Resolution:

You will get instant answers to your burning issues which will restore your peace of mind.

Better & Clear Understanding:

You will get a clear understanding of the root cause of the problems & guidance to solve them.

Decision Making:

You get insights into events that are likely to happen so you can make decisions accordingly.

Boosts Your Confidence:

Our astrologers assist you to solve your life issues which ultimately boost up your confidence.


We have a team of expert astrologers, So, go ahead consult our experts astrologers and live a happier life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How consultation from astrologer over the phone will be beneficial for me?

When you just don’t know who should you approach for guidance when problems crop up, then consultation from astrologers over the phone helps you out. You can receive instant advice on your specific queries from anywhere in the world. It will also save your time and cost which you usually spend by visiting an astrologer. You will get a response you can feel confident about and also peace of mind.

How can we reach Our Astrologers astrologers?

Depending on your location, you can call on below numbers:
India: +919733031000 (Time 10 AM Onwards)

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How accurate are the predictions by an expert?

The predictions are based on your personalized birth chart which explains your personality and helps to forecast the likely events that will happen in your life. Our expert astrologers analyze the movements and relative positions of planets and provide you with accurate which can affect you and provide you helpful insights for your future. Thus, the predictions provided will be highly accurate and reliable.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Absolutely yes! All our customers’ details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.

Can I speak to the same astrologer, if I call the second time?

Yes! You can speak to the same astrologer if you call the second time. Just ensure that you remember the name of the astrologer you spoke to and their availability hours. You may also write to in advance, specifying the Astrologer’s name and your preferred time. Our team will reply back on a time when you can get in touch with your preferred Astrologer.

Will your guidance help me take better future decisions?

Yes, guidance by our expert astrologers will help you make calculated future decisions and to overcome your life’s hurdles. Studying planetary aspects in your birth chart and even charts of certain events can help you make better life choices. Your natal chart analysis will help you know about your strengths, your challenges, and why you are drawn to certain scenarios repeatedly. This will ultimately help you plan your further moves.

Why should I avail this service?

• You will be able to directly speak to the expert, addressing your query
• There are no chances of misunderstandings or confusions – since you directly ask the question from the Astrologer, your question is answered as it is asked
• You can get in touch with the Astrologers at any time and from privacy and convenience of your space
• This form of Astrology guidance can be very soothing, and can give you a lot of confidence.


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