Love Astrology | Love Marriage – Will my marriage be love or arranged? Astrological Remedies

love marriage or arranged marriage
Post Date: September 6, 2020

Love Astrology | Love Marriage – Will my marriage be love or arranged? Astrological Remedies

Astrological principles of love marriage Astrological theory of love marriage

Love marriage chances: Through the astrological principle of love marriage described in astrology, we are able to know whether the love of a lover-girlfriend will result in marriage or not. In fact, the culmination of love between “lover and girlfriend” is the transformation of love into marriage, or say that when a boy and a girl are in love, then when both of them start seeing each other as life partner. And when the same love results in marriage, we call it love marriage. The learned and loving society has seen love from their own perspective. Therefore love is distinguished in all forms such as affection of mother and son, love of guru-disciple, love for goddesses, cosmic and supernatural love, love of boy and girl before marriage etc. But the question arises that can all lovers be successful in getting their girlfriend or boyfriend? The answer is both yes and no, if one lover succeeds in getting the girlfriend, one fails. Now again the question arises that why? Jyotish Acharya is responsible for this in the house of the high, low enemy region or friend planet of the planets sitting in the horoscope of the native.



Predictions and planets for love marriage | Astrology love marriage or arranged

At the same time, all planets have also been given special causality. As such, “Venus planet” is considered as a factor of love and marriage. In the horoscope of a woman, “Mars” is considered a factor of love. In astrology, a fixed sense has been prescribed for all subjects, lagna, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth house have been considered as the causative expressions of love marriage.

Ascendant house – the native himself.
Fifth house – the place of love or love.
Seventh house – the sense of marriage.
The ninth house – the place of fortune.
Eleventh house – profit place.
Dwadash Bhava – The bed of pleasure.
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Astrological principles or rules of love marriage

Relationship with fifth and seventh house and Bhavesh. The fifth house is the feeling of love and the seventh house of marriage, so when the fifth house is related to the seventh house, then the lover-girlfriend is tied in the matrimonial formula.

If Panchamesh-Saptamesh-Navamesh and Lagnesh are having any kind of relationship in any way, then the love of the native will definitely result in marriage, yes if inauspicious planets are also having a relationship then there will be marital problems.


Find out love marriage or arranged Astrology

The relationship of Lagnesh-Panchamesh-Saptamesh-Navamesh and Dwadhesh is also successful in tying the matrimonial bond to the beloved girlfriend.
Venus or Mars, the causative planet of love and marriage, and having a relationship with the fifth and seventh house, is also capable of getting married.

The ninth house has an important role in all the emotions. When the 9th house is connected indirectly or indirectly, the parents are blessed and this is the reason that the ninth house – Bhavesh has a relationship with the fifth – seventh house Bhavesh, then the marriage part Or social and family customs rather than in secret.

Even if Venus is situated in the Ascendant and Venus in the lunar horoscope is in the fifth house, love marriage is possible.

The ninth month horoscope is considered to be the subtle body of the horoscope, if the love marriage in the horoscope is not Yoga or is partial and there is a combination of Panchamesh, Saptamesh and Navamsha in the ninth horoscope then the possibility of love marriage prevails.

If the seventh house of the sinful plan is combined with love, then love becomes a possibility of marriage.

If Rahu and Ketu are related to Ascendant or seventh house, then love is the relation of marriage.

The change of the lagna and saptamesh is yoga or only the saptamesh is in the lagna or the lagna is in the seventh, love also makes the marriage.

Lunar (Know! Moon’s fruit in seventh house) and Venus (Venus) in the lagna or seventh also indicate love marriage.
Example The horoscope can explain the astrological reason for love marriage.
Date of Birth – 12 April 1995, Date of Birth – 13:00, Place of Birth – Delhi, Gender – Female



Astrological theory of love marriage

The horoscope presented is that of Cancer Ascendant. In this horoscope, Saturn, the lord of the marriage house of seventh house, has gone into love house of fifth and from there Saturn is also looking at the seventh house of his own house from the third point of view, thus there is a direct connection with the fifth and seventh house, so it is clear that love Will be married.

The combination of both Lagnesh Moon and Navamesh Guru is in seventh place and Saptamesh is also watching Saturn. In this way, a direct relationship between Lagna, V, VII and Navam is being formed here. This is the reason why the native was married in love.

Name- Indira Gandhi, Date of Birth- 19 November 1917, Date of Birth- 22: 11: 00, Place of Birth- Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Astrological principles of love marriage Astrological theory of love marriage-min

The birth chart presented is of Indira Gandhi. Everyone knows that they had a love marriage. This is the horoscope of Cancer Ascendant. In this horoscope, the lord of the seventh house of the marriage house in the ascendant of Saturn and the seventh house of the moon and the moon in the seventh house, and seeing with the mutual seventh, confirms the astrological principle of love marriage.

Navamsh Guru is also sitting in the benefic place and is looking at the fifth house and the seventh house and the lagna. At the same time, he is also looking at Saptamesh, who 100% confirms the astrological principle of love marriage.


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