LORD RAM – Horoscope Analysis

Post Date: July 23, 2021

LORD RAM – Horoscope Analysis

I would like to share horoscope details of a divine incarnation- Lord Ram

A very difficult chart with so many ups and downs, a complex network of planets aspecting each other out of enmity. Jupiter the auspicious guru planet well placed making him extremely religious and philosophical. Sitting in cancer zodiac.

He’s a Cancer ascendant. Cancer sign is a very emotional sign and people under its influence are emotionally connected to their family. As was in his case.

Jupiter is a royal planet and makes him the king who abides by law and order strictly. His subjects are also law abiding because of this Jupiter and they even go to the extent of accusing his wife Sita because of which he had to leave her in the forest.

Jupiter gives him wisdom and the famous Yog Vasishth which is about talks between him and his teacher Sage Vasishth explains how deep rooted his thoughts were about the universe, God and the purpose behind life and death.

His subjects signified by Saturn is all about structure, order , discipline and this is the way the nature of citizens / population was under his rule.

The hot planet mars also rules his children’s house hence he was also at one time challenged by his kids luv and kush when Ram performed the Ashwamedh yagna in which he releases a royal horse around the world as a challenge to any one who dares to stop the horse to prove his supremacy but Luv and kush took hold of the horse and then they destroyed Bharat, shatrughan and even lakshman in the war that followed .

The same mars influences his life partner Goddess Sita, who was equally strong and never pleaded before Ram to let her stay with him in the palace. Out of anger finally she tells Mother Earth to take her. Mars also means land / ground / forest . As per Ramayan , ground tears apart and she goes in. All battles take place on ground.

Here is a twist. Rahu sitting to give obstacles and problems. Rahu in astrology is the demon (Ravana). This Rahu challenges lord Ram.

His father Sun and his mother Saturn in his chart are facing each other in enmity. Saturn throws a challenge to planet sun, and sun had only two choices either to lose or give up his life, sun opts for the second choice .

Moon sitting on his head makes him emotional too. And being hurt and out of emotion he decides to leave the house.

Mercury being weak which rules his younger brothers they couldn’t withstand the challenge given by his children and all three brothers lost the battle and finally Ram had to intervene. His mother Kekai represents Saturn in his chart in opposition to planet Sun his father. Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies to each other.

Saturn directly looks at his house of losses and problems. This Saturn made him leave the palace. Though the same Saturn finally made him rule the world with structure, order and discipline.

Bharat B Bajaj

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