Liberation (Moksha) – Astrological Analysis

Post Date: February 20, 2021

Liberation (Moksha) – Astrological Analysis

A liberated soul can be explained as one who is untouched by likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness.

Although living, he sees this universe, his life and all beings as meaningless, with no purpose. He gives up all sorts of mental stimulation, anxiety and cravings for sense pleasure.

The 12th house is said to be the house of losses. Here losses doesn’t only mean losing your material things like wealth and valuable assets. It’s basically about giving away.

Giving away all material, mental and emotional notions like greed, attachment, cravings, anxiety etc. Only when you are detached (given up) from all these notions, your consciousness attains a state of becoming whole where in there is no division and duality.

The living entity takes birth in the 1st house and can attain moksha (liberation) in the 12th. Moksha is not something which is on the other side of the sky or sea, which you have to cross over and you will attain it.

If s already within you. Where ever and what ever you do, all 12 houses of your horoscope go with you including the 12th house but 12th house for moksha may activate even while you are living or after death (the 8th house).

If it activates while living you become a “Jivanmukta” (A liberated one who appears to be living like a normal person but is still untouched by the dual notions of the universe, in him the concepts of love and hate, his and mine, this and that cease to exist)

If your 12th house activates after death you may become a “Jivanvideha”, where after you don’t take birth again. But you still exist. Yet you appear not to. Having reached this state, You and God are one and same, you are the universe, the moon, the sun, the flowing rivers and the mountains. You become everything, infinite consciousness.

The 12th house significator is Saturn.
Saturn encourages you to sacrifice, only when we sacrifice, we detach from ego, detachment from ego leads to detachment from cravings for sense pleasure to a good extent, which in turn leads to peace of mind.

The 12th house natural zodiac is the dual sign of Pisces showing two fishes moving in opposite direction. Pisces is a wonderful sign and at a subconscious level it tries to contemplate between giving up both material things (sacrificing) and also giving away ego, likes and dislikes and successfully attains moksha. Ketu is a Moksha Karak because it got separated from its other half Rahu who is obsessed with materiel growth.

Bharat B Bajaj


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