Kundli Matching before Marriage Needed? A Detailed Insight

Kundli Matching before Marriage
Post Date: April 2, 2021

Kundli Matching before Marriage Needed? A Detailed Insight

Marriage is  a part of the Hindu tradition but Kundli matching before marriage is an important part that we ignore. Kundli matching is comparing of the charts of the bride and groom. It signifies the compatibility of the couple before marriage and had been carried on from ages. The importance of kundli matching is that it helps a married couple to be happy and have a prosperous long term and successful married life.

Importance of Kundli or Guna Milan before marriage

Guna Milan is the quality matching of both bride and groom. Kundli or Guna Milan is very important before marriage.  It is one of the factors that allow us to determine if the kundli of the couple is compatible or not. Nakshatra or Constellation is one of the governing factors for marriage as planets and celestial bodies have an influence on the lives of the individuals as well. Kundli matching ensures that the heavenly bodies complement each other which helps build a relationship that revolves around peace, happiness and harmony. The placement of planet moon of couple is taken into the consideration for kundli or Gun Milan.

Kundli Matching before Marriage

Understanding Guna before Online Kundali matching

There are several Gunas that are taken into consideration and here is an insight into the Guna that make or break a married relationship. There are the important Gunas, these gunas is calculated the birth details of the bride and groom, it decides the fate of a marriage. Let us understand the Guns below:

Some Gunas are:

  1. VARNA – The first guna takes the caste of the bride and the groom into consideration. The varna of the groom has to be higher or equivalent to the bride’s varna. This varna decides the mental compatibility between the couple.


  1. VASHYA – This guna helps to find out among the two couple who will be more controlling and dominating.


  1. TARA – In this guna the tara or birth star of the bride and groom are related to individual health status.


  1. GANA – It helps to analysis the personality, behavior, approach and attitude of both couples.


  1. BHAKOOT  – This guna tells the financial state, family status and give the direction of career growth of both couples after marriage.


  1. NADI – The last guna educates us about the health of family after marriage. This guna is related to matters of childbirth and progeny.


How to match kundli for marriage

The first step before getting marriage plan or deciding a fix date is to opt for a kundli matching from expert astrologer . People say that marriages are made in heaven but it is only possible when we have an insight into the kundli or guna of both the bride and the groom. Let us understand more on what is taken into consideration for kundli matching before marriage.

The Janam kundli of both the couple is taken into consideration and matched by the astrologer expert in Kundli matching. Nowadays online kundli matching has become very popular as it not just saves time but money as well. Kundli matching is also known as Patrika matching and is based on the Ashtakuta method of matching. Love calculator is also widely used to take out the percentage or compatibility but a detailed Guna Milan or kundli matching is a detailed or astrological remedy when it comes to kundli matching.


Need for kundli matching for marriage

A Married life and its happiness depend hugely upon the kundli matching before marriage and it’s very important to the married couple. We accept the modern norms and techniques followed but the traditional practices like kundli matching should not be ignored.  A bliss couple creates a beautiful family. Kundli matching can be done online as well and it may just take only half an hour of your time but the impact is everlasting. If Astrology remedies are taken before marriage than it may save the troubles and situations that might arising later.

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