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Kundli Matching – kundli matching online – Horoscope Matching

kundli matching online
Post Date: August 27, 2020

Kundli Matching – kundli matching online – Horoscope Matching

Kundli Matching  : While matching the horoscope before marriage, you must have heard people say that “Marriage is not a game of two dolls”. Marriage takes place only once in the life of a human being, so people want that the life partner who comes in their life should be fully virtuous. Marriage is a relationship between two people that connects them with each other for the next 7 births. Whether it is love or love marriage, there are always some things that get married only after completion. The most important among them is horoscope matching. According to our elders and some experienced people, before marriage, horoscope matching is very important for married life to be happy. You can match your horoscope by filling your and your spouse’s information in the form below:Horoscope matching or virtue matching is the matching of horoscopes for marriage in Vedic astrology. In Hinduism and especially in India, marriages are blessed with the blessings of elders and parents, so horoscope matching has a very high importance for marriage and marriages are decided only after horoscope matching. Through horoscope matching, it is known to what level the planets are blessing the bride and groom and which astrological rectification can bring happiness in marriage.


Horoscope matching or attribute matching and its importance Planets and celestial bodies have a great impact on our lives, so whenever it comes to marriage, it is important that the planet gives its blessings so that there will be harmony, happiness, success and peace in the married life between the boy and the girl. → Get Kundali matching
result in English

How to explain property matching?

In the same way, there are many more. The pulse code is given the highest priority in matching the properties of the horoscope. If the pulse code is unfavorable, then matching 24 qualities will also be considered inauspicious.

Properties match has a maximum of 37 properties. If the Bhakoot and Nadi codes are favorable, then a combination of 31 to 36 qualities is considered to be the best, 21 to 30 qualities will be very good, 14 to 20 medium and 0 to 14 qualities will be inauspicious.

If the Bhakut code is hostile, the combination will never be good. 24–24 quality is very good, 21-25 quality is moderate and 0-20 quality will be considered inauspicious.

What is horoscope matching?

Why is the horoscope mixed? Perhaps this is not required to tell you, but even then, those who do not yet know about
horoscope or horoscope matching are also aware that for this horoscope matching means to compare two horoscopes. It is also called Kundli Matching in English. You must have seen that whenever the matter of marriage is going on in the house, especially in Hindu families, the boy and girl’s horoscope is definitely introduced. The merits and demerits of both the horoscopes are seen and it is estimated that after marriage, how will their marital life be. If the qualities merge, then the relationship is accepted. If there is any problem, then it is attempted
first, otherwise other options are explored for the boy and girl. So horoscope matching means that there are so many qualities in the horoscope of you and your partner that match each other’s horoscope. Or according to the horoscopes of both of you, there are special defects which are warning that your married life will not be happy after
marriage. The only objective of matching the horoscope is to choose the right partner for you.

Horoscope matching or property matching

Horoscope matching is also called property matching. Actually, the properties present in the horoscope are matched, hence it is called property matching. The total number of qualities in the horoscope is considered to be 36. Marriage is allowed by astrologers if 18 of the 36 qualities, that is 50% of the qualities, are reconciled in your and your partner’s horoscope.

Horoscope matching and Mangalik Dosh

In Kundali matching, the qualities are matched, the more qualities one gets, the better will be the marriage life of both. But if there are defects in the horoscope then it is also necessary to correct them. If marriage is done by ignoring these faults, then according to astrological belief, there is discord in married life. The most important thing is also seen in horoscope matching, that there is no Manglik defect in the horoscope of the native. Because if there is Manglik Dosh in the horoscope then it is considered appropriate to get married to any such person who is suffering from Manglik Dosh.

Is horoscope matching only for marriage?

Combining the horoscope means looking at the harmony between the two coils, then it can be with a life partner or you can also compare with a business partner if you want. You can also mix your horoscope with any other family, friend etc. By mixing your horoscope not only with a person’s horoscope, you can also know whether the said place will be right for you or not.

How is horoscope matching?

The horoscope is performed by matching scholarly astrologers. Just as the goldsmith can compare the metal with the good and make a difference in it, and can separate the good and lost goods, similarly the astrologer who knows the subject can match the horoscope well. In this, by assessing the planetary positions of both the horoscopes, their nature is seen, their interests are seen. Overall, the qualities of both the horoscopes are mixed.

What is horoscope matching?

In the old times, sages and sages used their foresight and knowledge to make all the rules for the society. One of these rules is horoscope matching. Marriage is very important in our Hindu culture. According to spiritual texts, horoscope matching is described as a way of a happy married life. Horoscope matching is a way of knowing the future bride-groom’s compatibility and their happy and prosperous future. If seen, horoscope matching is very important for the marriage of any person. This is an initial step taken by the groom’s family members.
Some people believe that the search for a good life partner is not complete without horoscope matching.

It not only tells about the compatibility of the couple and marriage but also about the spiritual, physical and emotional compatibility of two different people who are bound in marriage. With horoscope matching, you can gain insight into relationship stability and long life.


True meaning of property matching The first function in horoscope matching is property matching. In any
person’s horoscope eight types of qualities and Ashtakut are matched. Matching qualities is very important in marriage. These qualities are varna, vasya, tara, yoni, griha maitri, gana, bhakuta and nadi. There is a total of 36 digits after matching them all. At the time of marriage, if 18 qualities out of 36 are found in the horoscope of both the bride and groom, then it is believed that the marriage will be successful. These 18 qualities are related to health, dosha, instinct, mental state, child etc. Let us tell you that according to astrology, how many qualities are good for marriage and how inauspicious –

According to astrology, if getting 18 or less qualities, most marriages are likely to fail if they get 18 or less. On getting 18-24 qualities – Marriage will be successful if you get
18-24 qualities in horoscope matching, but it is more likely to face
If you get 24-32 qualities then there is a possibility of successful
marital life if you get 24-32 qualities.
According to astrology, such marriages are considered very auspicious after getting 32 to 36 qualities and do not cause much problems in them.
According to astrology, it is mandatory to get 18 out of 36 qualities
for a successful marriage.

Why is horoscope matching important for marriage?

There are all kinds of people in our society, some who are a part of this modern age and are completely molded in their ways, while there are some who believe in being modern as well as traditions that have been
going on for generations. Huh. We all know that astrology is a science. With the help of the planets, qualities etc. present in our horoscope, it tells us what our future will be like.

Horoscope matching in marriage is a calculation that tells us whether boy and girl constellations and planets are favorable for each other. If the constellations and qualities of both the boy and the girl are favorable, then their marital life is happy, but if the constellations of both are unfavorable, their marital life will be painful and painful. Those who do not believe in astrology believe that affection, mutual understanding and trust towards each other is more important than matching horoscope for marriage.


How to do horoscope matching?

You can get the horoscope matched with the help of any astrology before marriage. For this, you have to tell the name of bride and groom, their date of birth, birthplace and time of birth to astrology. Under astrology, horoscopes are formed with the help of information related to your birth such as date, time and place. After studying the horoscopes of both the bride and groom at the time of marriage, it is found out how their future life will be.

Keep in mind that marriage is a relationship of a lifetime, so do not get caught by any traitors and pundits on the way. Always match the qualities of boy and girl with the help of a proven astrologer. For horoscope matching you must have information related to the birth such as date, time and place. Horoscope matching by date of birth becomes very easy.

You can match the horoscope of the future bride and groom without paying any fee. Here you are provided correct conclusion after matching horoscope based on all the qualities and constellations. In this, information about your defects etc. is given from your auspicious signs. You can also print this conclusion on paper. If there is any defect in your horoscope then you can contact astrology given on our website. After thoroughly studying your horoscope, he will also tell you the remedies for guilt.


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