Karmic Debt Numbers in Numerology ~ Karmic Coach

Post Date: August 11, 2021

Karmic Debt Numbers in Numerology ~ Karmic Coach

Hare Krishna to all ..

If you’re a believer in karma, you might be interested to know that karmic debt is just your karma from past lives. When you fail to live according to the lessons of karma (by doing something bad) you rack up a karmic debt. Your karmic debt follows you to your next lifetime after reincarnation if it hasn’t been paid and the next, until it gets paid. The good news is, once you understand your own, you can take steps to balance it.

Karmic debt numbers are the number of lessons you have to learn in this life and is derived by looking at your birthday. It is also essential to know that if you are owed karma debt from others, your path will continue until you receive payment. The goal is to reach a karmic value of 0 Balance. If u have 10 in your numerology , then there is no Karmic debts.


You can calculate your karmic debt number by adding up the digits in your birth date. There are 3 ways, which might result in one or more karmic debt numbers :

  1. Your birthday
  2. Your personality numbers (sum of your birth month and birthday)
  3. Your life path number (sum of your birth year, birth month, and birthday)

You can find this number in Driver number, Conductor number, Personality number, Soul number etc. The only numbers which represent karmic debt are:

  • 4 (13=1+3=4) or 13/4
  • 5 (14=1+4=5) or 14/5
  • 7 (16=1+6=7) or 16/7
  • 1 (19=1+9=1+0=1) 19/1

Lets talk about karmic debt number in details : Certain lessons you need to learn in this life.

  • 13: If you have a 13 karmic debt number, this is associated with laziness, Liar, Crook and selfishness in a past life. You may deal with blaming others and not taking responsibility, being negative, and also being Sledging, Backbiting, stubborn and controlling. Your karma is to hold yourself accountable.
  • Remedy for 13 : To pay off this debt you need to practice efficient communication throughout your life and express yourself positively. Know    the impact of your words and think before you speak. Empower people instead of putting them down. Always Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Be motivated in your line of work, find the right work-life balance, and be of service to others. Always speak truth & obey the duties. Don’t indulge in adultery & extra-marital affairs.
  • 14: The number 14 denotes a need for control. In your previous life or lives, you just had to be in control of everything and everyone. It could also mean you actually lacked control, which could manifest as irresponsible and addictive behavior that let your loved ones down.
  • Remedy for 14 : Find a balance this time around – maintain your personal control while respecting that of others. Maintain your own power by not taking away from others.
  • 16: The number 16 connects to your ego. You may have thought extremely highly of yourself regarding your position in life, your appearance, your abilities, etc.  You were just too infatuated with yourself in your previous life, which affected others and probably you too. Perhaps you were arrogant, made self-destructive decisions, or ruined your relationships because of your ego.
  • Remedy for 16 : Humble yourself in this lifetime and deflate your ego. This karmic debt is harder than others to overcome because you need to end this cycle of birth and rebirth, in that you need to “prove” yourself worthy. Try and be a better listener and consider other’s opinions and especially be mindful of your actions and appearance. Trust is the Key.
  • 19: The number 19 relates to selfishness. In your previous life, you chose your immediate needs over that of others. This may have shown itself in addictions, lack of sincere relationships, moving up in life from using others to achieve your goals without any consideration or care, etc. You only cared about your personal gain and selfish interests without thinking about others. You controlled people for your own personal gain.
  • Remedy for 19 : In this lifetime, think more about others and their needs and avoid being selfish. In order to repay this debt, you should be a supportive person. Learn how to help others as well as learning how to ask for help. Its a time to lead by example.

General terms to Repay karmic debt : 

Taking steps to repay your karmic debt will improve your quality of life now and in future lifetimes. The faster you repay your karmic debt the happier you will be in this life and the next. According to my personal Belief , Best & meaningful remedy to clear your karmic debts is TO DONATE & ONLY DONATE in life along with GOOD DEEDS.


Om Shanti to all Blessed Souls……



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