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Jupiter will enter the mystical sign of Aquarius and what will be its effect on all the 12 signs –

Post Date: November 14, 2021

Jupiter will enter the mystical sign of Aquarius and what will be its effect on all the 12 signs –

The auspicious Jupiter will enter the sign of Aquarius on 20th November 2021 at around 11:20 pm. Saturn owns the sign of Aquarius and Jupiter and Saturn normally give neutral results to each other.

The active Aries can take advantage of this transit as it will enter your 11th house of gains. It’s all upto you now. How much effort you put that much you will get In return. Remedy – Chant the Jupiter mantra – Om Brihaspataye Namah

The lovable Taurus will have this transit through their 10th house of career. You can also get good results in your career and can also attain name fame and recognition as per the amount of efforts you put in. Remedy – apply safari or yellow turmeric Tilak on forehead.

The wonderful Gemini should also get good results as it enters your 9th house of fortune and good luck. Religious and spiritual activities will be to your benefit. Also chances of long distance travels. Remedy- pay respect to your guru. Offer some gifts to them.

The caring Cancer may not experience good results. You may experience feeling of insecurity, anxiety, mood swings etc. Also avoid injuries and sudden unexpected situations. But those who are into research, for them this will be a good placement. Remedy – Donate yellow turmeric on Thursdays.

Time to socialize and meet many new people in your life for the super talented Leo. Also good time if you are planning to get married or looking forward to develop new relationship. Remedy- Jupiter mantra

Om Guruve Namah

For the intelligent Virgo this is not looking good. Take care of your health and avoid falling in loans / debts. But good as far as job is concerned. Also avoid unnecessary enmity with others. Remedy- Donate yellow lentil, yellow bananas on Thursdays

The beautiful Libra will generally experience a good time, good for developing new relationship, also a good time to sort out any sort of differences with your loved ones. Can also enhance your creative skills and also can do better in your further studies. Remedy-Pay respect to your Guru. Jupiter mantra – Om Graam Greem groum Sah Guruve namah

The passionate Scorpio can also have a good time. Chance to experience all sorts of material pleasures and comforts. Buying selling vehicles, property related deals etc. Remedy – Can wear a yellow sapphire ring or chant any Jupiter mantra

The knowledgeable Sagittarius will get results as per the amount of efforts they put. Short journeys are possible. Time to show case your talent but with right efforts. Remedy- Can wear a yellow sapphire, or apply saffron or turmeric Tilak on forehead.

The down to earth Capricorn will experience average results. Financial gains will take place but also expenses towards family responsibilities is seen. Chance to improve your relationship within family circles. Remedy- Avoid conflicts with your guru, gift them.


The flamboyant Aquarius should benefit through this Jupiter transit as it moves through their sigh itself. Rise in name fame, will become more wise, religious inclination, should get desired results over all. Remedy- any Jupiter mantra. Can also wear a yellow sapphire ring

The romantic Pisces may not experience so good results. Expenses will be on a rise , financial gains will be there but you will find difficult to save. Also take care of health of self or even of other family members. Remedy – Donate yellow items like yellow lentil, yellow cloth, yellow bananas etc


Bharat B Bajaj

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