Weekly Horoscope for July 25 to 31, 2021 | Based on your Moonsign | July Horoscope for 2021

weekly horoscope july 2021
Post Date: July 23, 2021

Weekly Horoscope for July 25 to 31, 2021 | Based on your Moonsign | July Horoscope for 2021

Check Weekly horoscope from July 25 to 31, 2021 and Saptahik rasifal prediction for all zodiac signs. We bring you the list of all the horoscope signs along with their accurate prediction or weekly horoscope july 25 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces). This July horoscope for 2021 is compiled by the Senior astrologers from Sri Astro Vastu.


With the change of the week, fate can change, too. How is this upcoming week looking for you? A Weekly Horoscope is an in-depth astrological analysis of the planets and their movements during the week. With that analysis, our team of expert astrologers, with years of experience backing them, give you the most accurate predictive guide for the week for each Zodiac Sign. Not only it can help you with upcoming events of the week, there is a lot more to unravel.



Aries Zodiac png free

ARIES Weekly horoscope July 25 :

With the arrival of the Moon in the fourth place from the Moon, indicates a hectic schedule which would take on your health and happiness. You need to have proper rest and sleep to get rid of irritation and physical weakness. Don’t get frustrated if you fail in accomplishing tasks. You will have difference in opinion with your friends and family. You will face lot of obstacles in your path this week but be focused and keep up with your work, things will get better soon. This week you will lack intimacy.



Taurus zodiac png

TAURUS Weekly horoscope July 25:

You might remain tense because of some health related troubles to parents or else some bitterness in your relationship. You would be suffering from the problems of mood swings too. During this time you need to keep your patience intact otherwise your health might get affected. You will not get success in your work and your mind will remain restless. On the arrival of the moon in the fifth transit from the moon, you are prone to misery and misfortune in the journey. You won’t be satisfactory and beneficial for your mental peace and health. You would suffer from some disappointment and frustration would make you feel unhappy.




Gemini zodiac png free

GEMINI Weekly horoscope July 25:

The Moon is benefited by the transit of the moon in the sixth place and your health will be at your best. It is even favorable for your marital bliss and compatibility with your spouse. You might plan to get into some long term association with a friend or a business partner. This is the right time to take decision in this connection. Yash and Anand are attained. There would be every possible reason to make you feel happy, financially satisfied and professionally successful. This week will be highly favorable for your relation with father, celebration of religious function, pilgrimage, relation with in-laws. You get the opportunity to live happily in your home. Enemies are defeated and diseases are destroyed but your Expenditure is high, so you need to look after that.





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CANCER Weekly horoscope July 25:

Coming in transit on the lunar seventh is beneficial, This week indicates the possibilities of a busy schedule in which you would find your-self in an absolutely perfect situation to handle all difficulties and accomplish all pending tasks cheerfully and successfully. A better position in terms of creation of a healthy bondage with your friends, partners and spouse including parents which would eventually result in the building of an atmosphere of love, laughter and mutual harmony with everybody at home. The compatibility with spouse would be at its peak. The intensity of affection between lover and beloved would also go on increasing. The confidence and enthusiasm would go on increasing. In commerce and business, you will benefits and you will get good food and sleep.



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LEO Weekly horoscope July 25:

Few health issues like indigestion, breathing, cough, etc. Will arise when the Moon comes in the eighth house from the Moon. You would get tempted to invest in share market but the possibilities of 100% losses are there therefore it would be better not to be enthusiastic in terms of action, aggression, decision making and investment. Although the increased expenses would keep you worried.  You will be troubled by quarrels, disputes, and mental distress. You would be losing your peace of mind because of the unwanted obstacles.




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VIRGO Weekly horoscope July 25:

When Moon goes from Moon to ninth house, there is a problem from the state and business has to suffer. It is not favourable for your health and happiness. You would be highly frustrated because of excessive loss of mental agony after the exhaustion of your energies. Because of hindrances in the accomplishment of task you might complain about problems of mood swings. Enemies bother.Problems have to be raised from the state. There would be worries related to the health of mother and your mental peace might remain disturbed because of some domestic issues.




Libra zodiac png free

LIBRA Weekly horoscope July 25:

Siddhi is attained by going from the moon to tenth place. It is especially favourable for business plans. Your vigorous social life would help you get good business partners and association with capable person. You will be enjoying the co-operation and support of siblings. Your spouse would become more religious by nature All tasks are completed easily. You will be in good health. You would be getting favour of destiny for accomplishing your pending tasks. This is a good time to go on a pilgrimage. It is equally good Muhurat for attaining the blessings of Guru. Your father and relatives would be happy for you. You will receive wealth and honour from the state. Increase in income, fulfilment of desires, co-operations of siblings and happiness from children. During these days there are strong probabilities of getting opportunities for the creation of a strong source of income. You will get the best home happiness.




Scorpio Zodiac png

SCORPIO Weekly horoscope July 25:

There is an increase in the income after the eclipse of the Moon from the eleventh. There would be some tensions in handling the issues related to family however your main focus appears to be peace and prosperity in the family. Sudden financial inflow of money would help you gain the desired respect from family members. Trade brings substantial profits. This week is excellent for the attainment of recognition from your aggressive and full proof plan of action in your social activities and enterprising business ideas. People would appreciate you for your hidden talent of resourcefulness and relationship management. You would be getting complete support, affection and cooperation of relatives, friends and siblings. The mind moves towards ambition.





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SAGITTARIUS Weekly horoscope July 25:

Your moon in the twelfth house shows that the native will have physical distress; you might have an eye vision problem. Face problem in your life. Your business value might run at a loss and you might be worried about your financial problem so take every step very carefully. You might not get support from family and colleagues. You might get anxious and worried about your loss but don’t worry things will get better, you will survive through this time soon. Don’t spend a large amount of money on your business and try to cut off extra expenditure.



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CAPRICORN Weekly horoscope July 25:

When the Moon comes in transit in the lunar Lagna itself, You will get happiness, pleasure and will remains disease-free. It is auspicious for your personality development, restoration of immunity and health. Your enthusiasm shall be at its peak and you would be spending money on the up-gradation of your skills and personality development. Your confidence and working efficiency would improve. You will focus all you energies in investment and life style would revolve around your family life and the unity, integrity and prosperity of the family. The inflow of money shall increase your saving potential. Good food, clothes, and bedtime are obtained.




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AQUARIUS Weekly horoscope July 25:

Moon transiting in the second house from the lunar Lagna, you shall suffer a lot because of mental tensions, unnecessary expenses, disappointment and frustration because of obstacles in the accomplishment of important tasks. Your health and happiness might get affected. You would suffer from the problems of mood swings. Don’t lose patience so that you don’t get affected from adverse situations. You will have ideological differences with family members. You might see failure in your works, the tendency of the person increases in sin deeds, this week won’t be that auspicious for the accomplishment of tasks because of some unwanted obstructions which would become the prime reason of your disappointment and frustration.





Pisces zodiac png free

PISCES Weekly horoscope July 25:

The arrival of the Moon in the third house from the Moon brings wealth. It is highly auspicious for the attainment of name and fame. There are great probabilities of attainment of reputation and social status along with power and position. The favour of authority, senior officers/government would come easily. This is the right time to take initiative for creating a platform for the attainment of rise in career. You get the pleasure of clothes. This week is beneficial in terms of earning more gains from business, increase in income, fulfilment of desires, happiness from children and good relations with elder brothers. Your health would remain perfect during this time. You will be happy at heart and your enthusiasm and working efficiency shall also be at its peak. The mind remains happy and good luck is in your charts this week




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