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Post Date: March 8, 2022


The day for celebrating achievements of women in various fields – cultural, political, social etc and their determination regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic or linguistic.

The planet of beauty and comfort Venus represents women. A well placed Venus with a combination of the intelligent Mercury, the super active Mars and the epitome of love Moon can create extra ordinary women power.

Wife of Lord Ram. She is earth’s daughter with lot of patience. She is the symbol of strength who survived in a village without anyone’s support. She is the lady who replied Lord Laxmana that she is a Goddess and the Daughter of Earth and that no one can abandon her.

She is Lord Vishnu’s female manifestation and she could make anyone do anything with her charm. She was one of the strongest weapons the Gods could use against the Rakshasas.

A world iconic woman who performed various charitable acts. She is known for international charity and helping starving children and children that were victims of conflict.

She is known to be a fearless woman who faced a powerful demon and brought her husband back to life. She explains what devotion, smartness and strong will is. She fell in love with a poor prince and married him, even after knowing that he’d die within a year.

She is the goddess of prosperity. She created a havoc among the devas and the asuras when she emerged from the ocean-churning but she chose Lord Vishnu as her husband.

She gave birth to Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. She participated in the ministry of Christ. She was at the cross and given by Jesus into the care of John.

Hannah’s prayer teaches us that persistent prayer get God’s attention. She believed God for a son and He multiplied her faith by giving her many children.

CATHERINE THE GREAT -Catherine the Great was the Empress of Russia, she was responsible for expanding Russian boundaries.

OPRAH WINFREY : an American Celebrity who created her own talk show that has won her extraordinary name and fame.

BRIGETTE BARDOT- A French super model and an actress, also an animal rights activist.

SCARLETT JOHNSSON – American actress model and singer.

MARIA SHARAPOVA – Russian tennis player. She has won all four major Grand Slam tournaments and Olympic silver in 2012. She also has a high profile outside the game, with her own business and modelling ventures.


There are two energies – Purusha and Prakriti. It’s believed that from Purusha (male energy), prakriti (female energy) manifested. Possible this can also symbolize the Adam and Eve concept. First came Adam and from within him, he created Eve.

This clearly means that the Feminine nature is equally important and more important because if you have only masculine nature, you will limit to the state of “only being responsible as a source of this creation” but you cannot experience the creation (feminine nature) without Prakriti.

That’s why the female energy is extremely important and very powerful (Shakti). Some one who wields Power can achieve what ever they want. Goddess Parvati was attracted to Lord shiva & she did many things to “woo him”, hence the term “woman”. The qualities of women as per their zodiac signs –

ARIES Woman – The super confident Aries women are very active and always on a go. Restless and impatient.

TAURUS Woman – The entertaining Taurus woman loves to dress up and carry herself very well.

GEMINI Woman – The gorgeous Gemini have amazing sense of humor and great communication skills

CANCER Woman – The soft hearted Cancer woman is very caring and compassionate and always their to help others.

LEO Woman – The Leo attitude is very royal and stylish in a Leo woman, they are very talented and have a no nonsense approach.

VIRGO Woman – The intelligent Virgo Woman are like problem solvers. They believe in perfection.

LIBRA Woman – The graceful Libra woman knows how to carry herself well. Very stylish and likes to socialise.

SCORPIO Woman – The passionate Scorpio woman is very intelligent but can be unpredictable and secretive.

SAGITTARIUS Woman – A Sagittarius woman has full of life attitude. Very knowledgeable of almost every thing under the Sun.

CAPRICORN Woman – The hard working and down to earth Capricorn woman like to perform their deeds in the right way to get maximum benefits.

AQUARIUS Woman – The flamboyant Aquarius Woman is another stylish sign and like to help others , very optimistic.

PISCES Woman – Extremely creative and soft hearted, the battle within them goes on whether to go the spiritual way or the materiel way.



Happy International Women’s Day

Bharat B Bajaj

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