Interesting Astrological Facts

Post Date: May 27, 2020

Interesting Astrological Facts

1. Lagna chart D1 remains the same for 1–2 hours. That’s why it’s not easy to predict things accurately.

2. D10( Dashmansha ) chart shows our career and karma.

3. Transit of saturn and Jupiter matters a lot because of slow-moving planets.

4. There are total of 27 Nakshatras ( Stars). All 27 nakshatras are Wives of moon and All the names of nakshtras are the names of Moon’s Wife.

5. Moon is exalted in tauras , sun is exalted in aries , mars is exalted in capricorn, mercury is exalted in virgo , jupiter is exalted in cancer, saturn is exalted in libra, venus is exalted in Pisces , Rahu is exalted in Taurus & Gemini and Ketu is exalted in Scorpio & Sagittarius.

6.Saturn return can give some past life karmic incidents.


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7.Only Leo and Cancer have one Ruler Sun and Moon .

8. D9 chart shows strength of our planets , marriage life and later part of our life.Saturn matures at 36 , Moon at 24 , Sun at 21 , jupiter at 16 , rahu at 42 , mars at 28 , mercury at 32.

9. Mahadasha and Antara Dasha play important roles in giving positives and negatives in your horoscope.

10. D9 chart also tells about our spouse. Venus rahu , mars venus, and mars venus Rahu makes a person very romantic and can give extra material affairs. It also makes a person lustful.

11. Venus ketu can makes a person detached from his wife or a person who loves hermit nature.

12. Mars in 1st , 4th , 7th , 8th and 12th cause Manglik dosha. Your horoscope is like a balance sheet of your past life karmas.

13.Jupiter ketu in 12th house makes a person highly spiritual, intuitive and can attain moksha as well.


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14. Saturn rahu combination is sharapit dosha but it can also makes a person a highly successful hacker and good in IT fields.

15. Moon and sun combination causes Amavasya dosha.

16. Lord of 7th house in 6th , 8th and 12th house cause delays in marriage or problems in married life.

17.Aspect of jupiter is saviour in astrology.

18. Venus , moon , jupiter are natural benefics . Mars , saturn rahu , ketu , sun are natural malefics. Mercury is neutral.

19.Sun in 1st house can cause baldness.Mars , sun , Rahu and saturn in 10th house gives good career .

20. Lords of 9th and 5th houses are luckiest for us.12th house , moon , Rahu , Ketu and Jupiter are related to foreign traveling.

21.Affected 4th house can also give you a foreign traveling or person lives away from his hometown.

22. D60 chart tells about our past life but its not easy to predict it as it changes with seconds.

Author:-  Varun Mishra (Spiritual Trainer)
                    Vedic Jyotish & Numerologist


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