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Hessonite ( Gomedhaka )

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Hessonite is a variety of Grossular Garnet. It has good luster and can be transparent to translucent. The color is orangey-brown and black. These gems are often given step or mixed cuts. Hessonite supporting in seeking out new challenges. This stone opens intuition and psychic abilities. Uses for out-of-body journeys. It carries out to your destination. It regulates hormone production; reduces infertility and impotence; heals the olfactory system, and draw off negative influences that cause ill health.

Hessonite Garnet represents Rahu Planet. Rahu is lord of Hessonite Gem and affects on Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac, the ascending node of the moon. Rahu is a reason to debuted in politics also. It’s natural significations include Worldly Desires, Worldly Benefits, Laziness, Gratification, and Ignorance. It is by nature unpredictable and creates sudden changes and Influences, Rigidity and Passion. It is similar to Saturn in its nature and influence.

Traditionally, Rahu is known as the head of the dragon. In the human physiology, Rahu corresponds to the head of the caudate. The caudate is involved in the control of the saccadic eye movements (the abrupt short shifts of focus in the eyes). The caudate influences memory in relation to orientation in space. The caudate is responsible for our ability to change behavior patterns.

The shadow planet Rahu is supposed to be responsible for all sorts of delays or very late fulfillment of ambitions. Hessonite can help in achieving speedy success in less time than expected. Hessonite also improves dealing with people and protects its wearer from sudden misfortunes. This is normally reddish-chocolate in colour. Hessonite is cold in nature. It cures diseases caused by affliction of Rahu and Saturn. It also increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth and happiness and all round prosperity.

About disease: It is said to be the best gem to avert stomach ailments, disaster, insanity, and evil spirits, legs, back bone etc.

Physical Properties of Heassonite

Its name comes from Greek ‘esson’ meaning ‘inferior’, since these gems are supposed to be less valuable. Hessonite is a Gem of the Grossular Garnet group. Magnets can pull these Gems, which is a very special phenomenon, as magnets otherwise pull only certain metals. Structure is Cubic and Chemical Composition of Grossular [Ca3.Al2( SI04 )3]. It is found in number of colors like green and pink but generally it is orange brown. It has a hardness of 7.25 on the Moh’s Scale, specific gravity is 3.65 and Refractive Index is 1.73 – 1.75. This is SR.ADR gem.

Occurrence of Hessonite

It is available in abundance. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Burma, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Kenya, Canada, U.S.A, and Malaysia. In India it is found in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Bihar. Gaya mines in Bihar are the biggest source of this gem. Recently, very good quality of this Gem has been found in Orissa and best quality in Sri Lanka.

Identification of Hessonite

This Gem contains inclusions which look like scattered islands or flat bubbles. The colour is like honey shining under a ray of light. The inside, when viewed under magnification looks like a thick sticky liquid and certain areas look out of shape with lesser transparency, and heat effect will appear.

Wearing Method of Hessonite

Its very important before wearing any gemstone we should know it’s methods and importance for every stone. It should be washed with fresh milk of cow and sacred water ( Ganga Jal – found in Indian river named Ganga ) in the morning during Hora ( a type of Muhurt time ) of Rahu planet on Saturday and Tuesday, Saturday is the most preferable day to wear Hessonite, and then while chanting the mantra it should be worn. Hessonite should be used in Silver, Gold, Panchdhatu (mixture of five metal), should be worn in Middle Finger of right hand (for male), left hand (for female) or in neck also. The weight of Hessonite should not be less than 4 Ratti ( one type scale of Indian weight ) for kids and 5 Ratti for adults or onwards in weight. More the weight of Hessonite, greater its effect.

Substitute Gems of Hessonite

Its very necessary to know about substitute gems, which can be also useful. These substitute gem also controls on their lord planet in finite effect. Hence, generally precious gems used for infinite effect. These substitute gems may be precious or semi-precious. So, It should be conformed that which gem is useful for you by your astrologer or gemologist.
Substitute Gems of Hessonite: Garnet, Black Pearl, Amethyst, Black Star, Gunmetal, Magnet etc.
Cordially you can also consult international standard’s Astrologers of our company for, How to wear your gem stone, wearing time ( Muhurt ) of gem, Chanting Process, Chanting Mantra of Rahu planet, Endowment of Rahu and all type of your astrologically doubts about your gem.

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