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Health Problems Astrology : Health Problems and Remedy, know According To Your Zodiac

health problem astrologier
Post Date: September 29, 2023

Health Problems Astrology : Health Problems and Remedy, know According To Your Zodiac

Health problems and remedy, know according to your zodiac .

Health Problems Astrology: Every human has its own zodiac sign and type, you must know this. But you hardly know that, not only at the level of emotion and spirituality, but also at the level of your health, you represent your zodiac sign. According to astrology, every zodiac has the right over certain parts of the body and when those parts of the body are ill or problematic, then the energy of the zodiac related to those organs is effective in healing them.

In such a situation, if you want the right solution to the problems related to health, then treatment according to your zodiac sign can be a particularly beneficial remedy. Know how you can cure according to astrology


Health Astrology

1. Aries

Aries represents the head, hair and face in the body. People of this zodiac have a wealth of energy to represent, fight for their rights and reach what they want. Such people also control their emotions, enthusiasm, confidence and anger. Migraine, lack of confidence, runny nose, sinus, skin problems, eczema, fibrosis and hair loss can be the main reasons for the imbalance of energy among the people of Aries.

Remedy: To deal with them, it is important that you identify yourself in the true sense and listen to your heart in life and proceed accordingly. If you are pressing or keeping yourself in the dark and your ego is on top of you, then you need to change yourself and balance your energy. You should give your highly active mind a little rest and the art of ignoring small things. Pay attention to the world and people around you and be happy.

2 Taurus

Taurus people have special relationship with throat, neck and related problems like thyroid, tonsils, shoulders etc. Due to its energy imbalance, there can be pain and throat problems in the upper part of the shoulders and many times you are unable to muster up the courage to leave things out of fear of change and stick to old things.

Remedy: To avoid these problems, you need to take a practical, systematic and karmic approach towards life. If you are losing your base or are embroiled in something that does not seem likely to end, then at this time you need to focus your energy on the throat and balance it. You can do this with the help of blue crystals. If you want, take interest in singing or you can also make some changes in your outdoor environment.

3 Gemini –

This zodiac rule is exclusively on your mind, thoughts, ability to express yourself, arms and hands. Through this energy, people of this zodiac are adept in the art of systematic expression of thoughts. Such people are mainly writers, speakers and communicators. But due to the imbalance of energy, people of this zodiac may have problems like diffusion of thoughts, confuse, pain in hands or arms, fear of giving expression, speaking without thinking or being interested in talking and listening here and there. is.

Remedy: To avoid these, it may be better to meditate or write a daily diary. Doing this will help you to be calm, as well as get rid of repeated thoughts in your mind.


Health Astrology


4 Cancer:

Cancer is owned by the Cancer, chest, chest, and heart. People of this zodiac have the ability to express their feelings with truth. Such people are always willing to help others. Due to energy imbalance in these people there are problems of uncontrolled mood, hypersensitivity, liking of loneliness, respiratory problems, phlegm etc.

Remedy: In this case, it can be very beneficial for you to do pranayama and light-hearted exercise in open air. Apart from this, you have to learn to mingle with people, interact, love yourself.

5 Leo –

This is the rule of the heart, that is, it is also related to the back and shoulders. People of Leo zodiac love to learn and move forward, having faith in themselves. People of this zodiac are full of pride, self-confidence, fearlessness. Due to the imbalance of energy in the sign of zodiac sign, there are chances of heart problems, difficulty expressing feelings of mind, lack of confidence, shyness and fear.

Remedy: To avoid this, any kind of artistic expression like dance, poetry, acting etc. can be helpful in balancing your energy. Doing yoga for the heart area will be beneficial and it is also necessary to share your feelings with someone close to you.


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6 Virgo-

Virgo rules the stomach and digestive system. People of this zodiac are grassroots, encouraging towards life. Many times these people are nuanced and stubborn or obstinate. >
Remedy: In order to balance their energy, it is often necessary to ignore certain things or things and expectations from oneself. Keep your mind calm and avoid taunting or irritability. Do meditation, artistic activities and exercises. Eat healthy things, vegetables and fruits and be healthy.

7 Libra-

Libra sign predominantly represents kidney, gall bladder, and lower body. People of this zodiac are able to connect with others, maintain healthy participation and good relations. These people are either completely self-sufficient when there is an energy imbalance in them, or on others. There may be problem of bladder infection, frequent urination or back pain.

Remedy: To avoid this, you must learn to compromise in life and sometimes think about others. Apart from this, if you depend too much on others, then this is the right time to recognize your own strength and self-reliance.

8 Scorpio-

Scorpio sign predominantly rules the genitals. People of this zodiac value change and learn in life and move forward on the basis of experiences. When there is an imbalance of energy, fear of change in them, staying connected with things, places or things, that is, not being abandoned, excessive stress, anorexia in making relationships or such desires can be increased.

Remedy: For this, you have to adopt the changes happening in your life and make some distance from the old things too. Meditation can be beneficial for you. Spending time near water and watery places will also be helpful in giving you freshness and emotional support.

9 Dhanu –

Sagittarius represents the hips i.e. buttocks and hips. Apart from this, liver is also related to this amount. Sagittarius are always at the forefront of learning, understanding, teaching and what they have learned. Apart from this, these people are also very interested in exciting things. They like to understand life and know the world.>
Remedy: In case of energy imbalance, they may have liver problems, hip and hips problems. They may also have problems with not resting or staying in one place for long. It also includes inactivity, lack of doing or learning.

10 Capricorn –

There is a complete kingdom of this zodiac on your bones, knees and teeth. Capricorns are highly motivated, devoted to their goals. They are active in what they think and are also fashion conscious. These include excessive dedication to work or, say, addiction. If their energy is unbalanced, they may have problems related to knees or joints, toothache, cavity.

Remedy: To balance the energy, they should take a break for themselves and consider what you need for your goals. When you start the work again, work should be given less and lighter things or games than before. Meditation can be beneficial. Yoga and writing can also be helpful.

11 Aquarius-

Aquarius is owned by the ankles and nervous system. People of this zodiac are in favor of humanity and think widely on any subject. Their energy is very inventive and transformative. When there is an imbalance of energy, it may even seem like mad scientists to you or it may seem that their thinking is far from the truth. They can be hurried and have ankle problems.

Remedy: For them to be artistic and live life with new tips, it is necessary to balance energy. Keep thinking big and work on it with your tips. Do something that inspires you every day and learn and grow by staying with good people.

12 Pisces –

This zodiac sign is ruled by pineal gland. Pisces people move by aligning their own thinking and spirituality and are very artistic or expressive through art. These people are no longer grounded due to energy imbalance. They do not even understand the needs of others and get out of reach. They may have feelings of ego and sometimes fear.

Remedy: For balance of energy, it is necessary that these people remain spiritually and spiritually connected to themselves. Meditation is a very effective method for this. For this it will be effective to be artistic and to put your energy into any productivity. Foot massage will be beneficial and it will be beneficial for you to stay connected to the ground.

First happy body

No matter how rich and rich a person is, if he does not have the wealth of good health, he does not experience spiritual and mental peace. Ayurveda science has shown effective remedies for good health. Some of them are as follows: –

First, cleanliness is very important for good health. Therefore, bathing with lukewarm water is healthy. Taking bath with hot and cold water is not good for health. According to sage Charak, one should always wear pure clothes. Wearing pure clothes increases the age, removes poverty, keeps the health good, is happy and Mr. Shrimat is able to sit in the meeting, gets respect.

First, cleanliness is very important for good health. Therefore, bathing with lukewarm water is healthy. Taking bath with hot and cold water is not good for health. According to sage Charak, one should always wear pure clothes. Wearing pure clothes increases the age, removes poverty, keeps the health good, is happy and Mr. Shrimat is able to sit in the meeting, gets respect.

Food should not be taken many times. Diarrhea occurs due to taking food many times and liver becomes enlarged. Do not drink too much water before meals. Taking ginger and black salt before meals is very beneficial for liver and digestion. This remedy is very good for those who have complaints about Mandagni. Also Read – Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Should be taken after meals. There is no possibility of indigestion from this. You should rest for a while after meals. Many people are very fond of betel leaf, they must spit its three peaks while eating the first paan of the day. No spitting causes the possibility of cancer.

Eyes are very much associated with good health. If the eyesight has decreased, then before bathing, massage the ghee in the soles of the feet. Soaking Triphala powder in water at night has a miraculous effect by washing the eyes in the morning. After taking food, rubbing wet hands together and applying on the eyes is beneficial. And with all effective measures, do not forget to remember that being active or moving is the simplest and easiest way to avoid all kinds of diseases.

Health Astrology

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