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Post Date: March 23, 2021

Health Astrology Prediction from Top Astrologers | A Stitch in Time saves Nine | Sri Astro Vastu

Health Astrology and Prediction from the Top Astrologers in India

Health is an unending wealth and health astrology is a blessing if you can analyze your planetary positions and get an astrological health prediction as to which areas of health that you shall need to focus on or may face problems. Precaution is always better than cure. So now the question arises if Astrology can predict health issues in a person’s life and yes, it is possible.  Astrology can help predict health and medical issues even before it actually happens. So here is an insight into how your Astrology can predict your Health and suggest remedies.



even before it actually happens. So here is an insight into how your Astrology can predict your Health and suggest remedies. Health Astrology prediction is compiled by the best Astrologers in India and your remedies for health are accurate and precise. It is actually all on your charts and it just takes an expert Astrologer consultation for Health Issues with experience in Health Prediction to give you your Astrological Health Insight. The 12 houses in your horoscope can cover all aspects of human life and this also includes your health and its predictions. Let us understand more about it in short.



Health prediction with Astrology is dependent on various factors in your astrology and we are here to enlighten you about the same. If there is any bad effects or dosh on any of your planets, it is certainly affecting your health issues. If you want to know which house affects your Health? It is the sixth House in your Horoscope which represents your health in Vedic Astrology and this exactly what you need a Astrology Consultation on Health. Our Expert astrologers are here for Online Astrology Consultation to assist you with your health problems and give you a detailed insight on your Astrology and Give you a detailed analysis of your good and bad health.



Apart from Nine Planets, here are how the Twelve Houses represent different Body parts and how a Dosh in one of these houses may affect your health and specifically which body part !!


1st House: Body in General, Brains, Blood Vessels of the Brain, Complexion or Facial Bones

2nd House: Right Eye, Throat, Larynx, Cerebellum, Neck, Bones, Blood Vessels, Teeth, Speech, Right eye, Throat, Larynx, Cerebellum, Neck, Bones, Blood vessels that connect the throat and neck, Nose, Tongue, Ears, Fingers, Nails and Flesh

3rd House: Right ear, Shoulders, Collar, Hands, Bones related to hands, Lung, Breath, Blood and Body Growth

4th House: Last phase of life, chest, breast, ribs, food poisoning, stomach, gastric system, digestive system, lungs and diaphragm

5th House: Heart, spinal cord, mind, Upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, spleen, intestines, mesentery

6th House: General diseases, kidney, stomach, bowels, intestines, lower abdomen, mental faculties

7th House: Waist, Navel cavity, Lumbar region, skin, Groin, bladder, breathing

8th House: Incurable diseases, Urinary organs, Uterus, Ovaries, Prostrate glands, Pineal glands Pelvic bones, Bladder, Anus

9th House: Hips, Arterial systems, Nerves, Thighs, Limbs, Femoral artery

10th House: Knees, Hams, Joints, Bones and Flesh, patella, popliteal fossae

11th House: Legs, Blood circulation, ankles, Left ear, buttocks

12th House: Lymphatic system, Feet, Toes, Left eye, hospitalization, death, Blood


There are many signs in your Astrology that might help indicate some of the most important health issues that might have to be taken care of and the subject is so vast and wide that it become impossible for a lay man to see his astrology and predict the areas that needs attention. So, Ignorance might always not be the best solution when it comes to health. You might have an issue that needs urgent attention as specific planets, houses in health horoscope indicate your health issues and diseases. Like Doctors, there are Astrological sciences to predict the general health issues and so remedies become easier once discussed astrologically.


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