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The universe exists by the will of the Infinite Brahman (the eternal consciousness) whom we name in various ways -lord, god, shiva, Jesus, goddess etc and the living entity experiences happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain as per their own pure and impure nature and deeds in different walks of life and which is reflected in the form of a horoscope.

The various planets considered to be the incarnation of the Supreme Being called Lord Vishnu gives results to be experienced because the living being out of ignorance and forgetfulness towards God considers this universe as hard core reality and want to remain entangled in it and experience it. Hence possibly lord created these celestial planets to guide us on our path of life but how we respond decides the results to be experienced by us given to us by these planets.

If you fear from a tiger in a painting because you intend to look at it as a real tiger is your decision & how you want to look at it and hence experience fear, similarly if out of ignorance you give importance to the tree but not to the seed and you believe they two are different is your illusion.

Obviously if this unreal world and universe exists so does the different planets and their nature exist, it’s all in your vision how you want to look at it. Thus these planets are bound to give results good and bad because out of ego and ignorance the living being believes he is the lord and the experiencer too.

Ofcourse these planets represents various elements like fire, air, water and earth as per the zodiac signs they own and these impact our personality and life like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius is all fire, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn is all earth, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius is all air and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces is all water but for an enlightened soul there is no place for such variations and dualities. For such a person, the pot of mud and the mud is one and the same, the wooden furniture and the wood is one and same, when there is no duality, where is there any question of likes and dislikes, or even the existence of these various planets ?

It’s like the space in one room and the space in the adjacent room is one and the same with no duality. It’s only in the eyes that one room is different from the other.

When the Self within is realized through meditation and with a practice of enjoying within, possibly the astrological planets negative impact may also get reduced because now reaching this state, for you this universe, you yourself, the space above and below, within and without & including God, all are one and same and planets have no role to have any impact on you. As such raising your consciousness with the help of meditation is helpful to overcome or at least reduce the negative impact of the celestial planets.

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