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Post Date: June 20, 2021


As it’s Father’s Day today and above that a Sunday as well. Sun is the real father of all other planets from Mercury to Saturn.

This is the day to celebrate fatherhood. Gift your father something that he’s really fond of but make it appear more creative and artistic too.

As the constellation rising is Chitra and later part of the day it’s Swati nakshatra. Chitra nakshatra is about creating an image (chitra) that is much ahead of its time. Chitra is the grand illusion maker, obsessed with maya and loves to create beautiful things which can be of use but at the same time are technologically much ahead of the current time.

The best example would be Adolf Hitler. Having Chitra nakshatra domination on his chart, few people know he wanted to be a painter, an artist and even applied at an art college before his political endeavor but he was rejected and he didn’t get the admission.

The same creative and technological skills he used in creating most advance weapons, fighter planes, war tanks during world war 2 and for which Germany was well known as a super power in those times. Though he misused his Chitra nakshatra energy resulting into world war and massive destruction by creating weapons of mass destruction.

As I said Chitra is a grand illusion maker and Hitlers talking skills attracted the masses as he created an illusion sending the message across that under his guidance Germany will become most powerful and successful country and if he would have kept a check on his unrealistic goals, Germany no doubt would have maintained his super power position but anyways that’s a different story.

So the idea would be to use your creative and technical skills which can be felt in what ever gift you decide for your father. This will surely make him feel good and the nakshatra will also come as a blessing in disguise for you. You can gift a smart watch or a smart mobile phone, or even smart Glasses. Even if it’s not a gadget or you simply wish to gift him clothes or shoes that he loves or even some deserts, cakes or even a piece of jewellery etc then also see to it that it’s nicely packed with some glitter and has a shiny / unconventional look. It should be some what unconventional in its over all look.

As I said later part of the day is swati nakshatra, there is thin line between Chitra and Swati and both are almost same. Except that Swati nakshatra is more grounded as compared to Chitra. Mark Twain the famous writer and commentator was Swati nakshatra dominated. So here to when it comes to being a commentator is clearly seen with both Hitler and Mark Twain, though Mark Twain was well recognized for his write ups.

Happy Fathers Day

Bharat B Bajaj

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