Effect of Solar Eclipse on 10 June 2021 on 12 Zodiac signs

Post Date: June 9, 2021

Effect of Solar Eclipse on 10 June 2021 on 12 Zodiac signs

Solar eclipse on 10th June 2021 will start at 1:42 pm and will be at its peak at 6:41pm

Though it won’t be visible in India but In Northern America and Canada and some parts of Europe and also Russia.


It will be beneficial to



Will be average for



And won’t be good for



But over all won’t be good for old aged people, take care of them and also your parents health. This time it will take place in sign of Taurus where in Sun, Moon and Rahu all 3 will be together. Rahu is also bitter enemy of two illuminating planets sun and moon so all those whose sign is Taurus got to be extra careful.

Rahu becomes most powerful in this eclipse. Sun suppresses moon causing Amavasya but then Rahu absorbs sun during this eclipse, so the full control goes in Rahus hands and as we know Rahu is unpredictable and dicey and also bitter enemy of Sun and Moon because after Samrudra Manthan when nectar was being distributed to only God’s, Rahu the demon turned into a God so that he can get nectar but he was caught by Sun and Moon who immediately informed to Lord Vishnu who cut the demon with his Sudarshan chakra and he became two parts Rahu and Ketu.

Since then Rahu has enmity and every now and then decides to eclipse these two light giving planets Sun and Moon.

Avoid conflicts with old aged people and elders and parents too and take care of them. Also this can effect your own health and vitality.

Sun is the White blood cell as per medical astrology hence it’s importance cannot be ignored.

As per ancient texts remedies that are recommended are to donate wheat, help the elderly aged people, chanting of surya mantra – Om Suryaaya Namah, Om hraam hreem hroum sah Suryaaya Namah, also reciting Mahamrityunjaya is extremely beneficial.

The effect of this grahan will last long for 3 to 6 months. It can bring major changes within the government. Or even some unexpected rules and regulations which can be imposed because Sun which represents the government is eclipsed.

Avoid Tamsik food, fried items , too spicy food, non veg, etc. eat simple, stay healthy.



Bharat B Bajaj

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