Does Wedding Date Affect Your Marriage, According to Astrology? Kundali prediction for Marriage

can astrology predict my marriage?
Post Date: March 31, 2021

Does Wedding Date Affect Your Marriage, According to Astrology? Kundali prediction for Marriage

So, are you getting married this season or waiting for your partner? Let us find out if Wedding dates affect your Marriage and discuss the significance of Marriage Astrology Consultation and about how accurate is Marriage Astrology by Date of Birth. Your Kundali Prediction for Marriage also has significance and if you get a detailed Marriage prediction by date of birth, your Marriage should grow, raise and nurture but if you are looking for accurate Marriage Astrology prediction, this article shall help you understand the Astrological remedies for Marriage. Your Marriage Horoscope is one of the primary factors that determines the kind of Married Life you may have.


marriage prediction by date of birth

When will I get married?

Some of the Auspicious dates in 2021 to get Married

Wedding is an important aspect of every person’s life and if it can be done as per the auspicious dates through Astrological Predictions, you could expect your Married Life to be GREAT. We bring you some of the most important dates in 2021 which can turn out handy if you are getting married or looking to get married on 2021:


Auspicious Date Source: @DrikPanchang

Auspicious wedding dates in January

Weekdays: 18th (Monday), 20th (Wednesday)

Weekends: 24th (Sunday), 31st (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in February

Weekdays: 11st (Monday), 8th (Monday), 15th (Monday), 22nd (Monday)

Weekends: 7th (Sunday), 14th (Sunday), 21st (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in March

Weekdays: 3rd (Wednesday), 4th (Thursday), 5th (Friday), 8th (Monday) Weekends: 14th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in April

Weekdays: 16th (Friday), 22nd (Thursday), 26th (Monday), 27th (Tuesday), 28th (Wednesday), 29th (Thursday), 30th (Friday)

Weekends: 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in May

Weekdays: 3rd (Monday), 7th (Friday), 13th (Thursday), 14th (Friday), 21st (Friday), 24th (Monday), 26th (Wednesday), 27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday)

Weekends: 1st (Saturday), 2nd (Sunday), 8th (Saturday), 9th (Sunday), 22nd (Saturday), 23rd (Sunday), 29th (Saturday), 30th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in June

Weekdays: 3rd (Thursday), 4th (Friday), 16th (Wednesday), 21st (Monday), 22nd (Tuesday), 23rd (Wednesday), 24th (Thursday)

Weekends: 5th (Saturday), 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in July

Weekdays: 1st (Thursday), 2nd (Friday), 7th (Wednesday), 13th (Tuesday), 15th (Thursday), 16th (Friday)


Auspicious wedding dates in November

Weekdays: 15th (Monday), 16th (Tuesday), 29th (Monday), 30th (Tuesday)

Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)


Auspicious wedding dates in December

Weekdays: 1st (Wednesday), 2nd (Thursday), 6th (Monday), 7th (Tuesday), 8th (Wednesday), 13th (Monday) Weekends: 11th (Saturday)



Does Wedding Date Affect Your Marriage?

Just as our personality and traits are influenced by our date of birth, your marriage is also hugely affected by the season that you get married in. Each Marriage Seasons have some traits that may reflect on your Married Life and it has been seen that couples that opt for a Marriage Consultations from Experts seem to evaluate the shortcoming that their marriage may have and they also find remedies to avoid the same. So, if you are planning a marriage make sure that you have it in between the Auspicious Seasons that match your horoscope  or take an Instant Online Marriage Astrology Consultation


When will I get Married Astrology?

Kundali Prediction for Marriage

How effective is your Kundali Prediction for Marriage and can you get an accurate Marriage Prediction from your date of birth?. Some people also enquire if we can Check Marriage Horoscope by date of birth and the answer is yes. Just as your stars are responsible for the career path you choose and the traits you may have, Astrology is a reliable tool to predict at what age could you possibly get married!! Sri Astro Vastu has been a renowned Astrology Consultant from many years and all your Queries regarding your Kundali to predict Marriage is just a Consultation away !!

So Now you have two options:

  1. Waiting for your long-awaited Marriage
  2. Consult an Expert Astrologer for Marriage prediction as per date of Birth


At what age will I get Married? Online Marriage Consultation

They say that its all in your stars and so is the date of your Marriage. If you are going through an auspicious time, your Marriage could be a pleasant surprise and may arrive at a very short notice but inauspicious time could well delay your Marriage even when you have a partner that you may be planning to marry. It is a gift that Vedic Astrology and some of the Best Astrologers in India are all available Online for Astrology Consultation and now your answer to when will I get Married should find its accurate and correct answer and prediction.


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