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Divine Mica

Divine Mica

Mica blessed with Spiritual Healing

The divine mica made with positive energy spiritually healed is used to spread positive energy. Mica has insulating properties which means it has properties to protect from heat. Thus, this stored in room temperature will protect you from jealousy, anger and violence. Mica keeps the peace in drama-prone households.

You can also keep this divine Mica in your wallet and carry it always! It serves as a reminder that if you can keep this fragile particle together, you can definitely keep yourself together. Keeping in the wallet also prevents you from any kind of evil eye and jealousy.

The precious Mica is a symbol of prosperity. It provides one with energy and purpose to move forward. Keeping it in your wallet or your cash box will bring in the positive energy and give you the strength to prosper in life monetarily and mentally.

Since Mica is not related to any particular traditional birthstone, this helps and is effective for all zodiac signs.

Mica, also known as muscovite, is a mystical stone with a strong angelic contact, which stimulates awareness of the inner self and has healing and esoteric properties. It’s used to dispose of negative energy and turn them into positive, also, it attracts fortune and is even used to clean homes and neutralize any burden surrounding a particular space.
This healing stone is normally white, but its color may vary depending on its composition. It´s features are transparency and morphological luminescence.

Mica belongs to a countless group of aluminium silicates, iron, calcium, magnesium and alkaline minerals. It can be found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, being an elastic, flexible, heat and water-resistant crystal, allowing it to be a precious material used as electrical and thermal insulator.

You can find this stone in nature with other minerals such as quartz and feldspar, with specific qualities thanks to its particular characteristics (flexibility, elasticity and resistance), also, it has the power to balance pancreatic secretions, relieving dehydration and allow clear expression of thoughts. As other stones, mica is used for protection.

Every moment of our daily lives, negative energies can arise and it is up to us to dispose of them; we can create a barrier mentally and spiritually, with the sole purpose of allowing ourselves only to channel positive energies. That is why we must increase our awareness and transform our thoughts so they may merge with the cosmic force, attracting only wellbeing.

Everything around you must be kept in perfect balance, take the time to create and see new horizons to establish what you really want for your personal growth. Not everything can be black or white; you have the power to put color into your life. Nothing is negative, nothing is positive. Everything lies in the way you allow it.

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