Covid-19 Astrology Prediction from 2021 till 2025 | Will corona end in 2021 astrological prediction?

Post Date: April 9, 2021

Covid-19 Astrology Prediction from 2021 till 2025 | Will corona end in 2021 astrological prediction?

Coronaviruses is the disease of a large family of respiratory viruses, that was first identified in Wuhan, a city in China in December 2019.It is cause by a common fever, tiredness and bad cold to more serious illness such as (MERS) Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and (SARS) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Coronavirus is also known as the (SARS) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. we will now give you a brief analysis and COVID-19 astrological prediction from 2021 to 2025. So here is our COVID 19 Astrology prediction from 2021 to 2025/ We will guide you about what to expect of this pandemic this year and how to overcome it collectively. Lets know More

COVID-19 Symptoms

Symptoms and sign of COVID – 19

  • Fever and cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Body aches
  • Running nose and Nausea
  • In some case it also affects respiratory problem and kidney failure

As we are all worried and wondering what type of viruses has effect world. Exactly, there are not specific treatment for this virus, all we can do is take care of ourselves and be hygiene and eat clean food which make our immune system strong.

covid-19 astrological chart

Astrological prediction for COVID-19 from 2021 to 2025

Let’s have a look what astrologer prediction have to talk about COVID-19 till 2025.

In Vedic astrology, 12 houses are known as Bhavas. Houses are divided into four bhavas. These four bhavas are – duty, resources, desires and liberation.  In 12 houses chart – sun was transit in Capricorn from 14 Jan to 13 Feb 2021 and sun become more stronger and has no effects to any zodiac signs.

As we all know after 11th Feb 2021 cases in India started again and increasing day by day. From 3rd march Saturn is in 15 degree and from 12th march Jupiter will be in 25 degree, when any planet is near there will be no effect of any planet. As Jupiter is a ruling planet and controlling Saturn but now Jupiter is 10 degree far away from Saturn and controlling power of Jupiter decreases. So, Saturn has become more aggressive and stronger after 12th march 2021.

From 01 april-21 to 14sept – 21 Jupiter will be in Kumbh or Aquarius for sometimes. All over India there will be tough times, whoever lies in 10 house like India or different country will affect their economy. The main reason Jupiter will be in Aquarius and Saturn will be alone and when Saturn is alone it will affect and become stronger so cases of corona will rise and be slow in economy.

Jupiter will retrograde from 14sept-21 to 20nov-21 in Capricorn, and Saturn will not affect and no be aggressive. we will feel relaxed and can enjoy our festival as we know this period is a festive season. So, after 2.5 year when Saturn will transit in Aquarius or Kumbh from then India will feel relaxed and both corona and Economy will be rise and we see positivity all around.

COVID -19 cases in India

In India COVID – 19 is increasing day by day.  Overall, there are 12.9 M cases and recover 11.9 M and death 167K. India has cross 10 million COVID cases and become second country in the world to cross 1 lakh cases daily. New COVID – 19 cases on April 09,2021 in India recorded 1,31,968 cases. It is a high time now we should be more careful and don’t avoid the guidelines – wear mask, social distance, clean your hands, use sanitizer. Follow the COVID-19 protocol to protect yourself and your family.

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