Covid 19 and it’s impact / Astrological significance..

Post Date: September 18, 2020

Covid 19 and it’s impact / Astrological significance..

We need to understand the role of Saturn and Mars here. The tussle between these two planets have been going on since time immemorial. Saturn doesn’t want to stand and Mars never sits. Hence these two create a yog called “Sangharsh yog”. Sangharsh means to struggle. Obviously if Saturn won’t allow mars to stand and mars won’t let Saturn sit quietly it’s abound bound to create war like situations, including border tensions.

India is also going through “Sangharsh” as of now. Struggling very hard in various aspects of life like – healthcare, crime, banking crises, celebrity deaths, mental stress, psychological issues, suicide cases are also on a rise, economic problems, unemployment, stressful situations in our border areas etc.

These two planets always try to obstruct each other from giving their desired results. Since December mid India’s struggle began – But till march 2020, Saturn was more powerful then mars hence mars wasn’t able to cause much destruction but after that Saturn could not keep control over mars and the cases start to rise and this will continue to rise till at least sept end 2020 as earlier prediction but actually till 10/10/2020. Within this period also now since 24 August 2020 there were signals of a 2nd wave of the Covid and as you can see beginning sept 2020 it’s actually on a rise again.

Isn’t it strange the Elite / satanic forces how come always know in advance when and to what extent the Covid will rise or decrease. Around 5–10 years before they come to know about this pandemic, they also know in advance during which period it will rise and fall and now again they intimated in advance about the 2nd wave which we can witness as the cases are on a rise again.

6th sept 2020 onwards cases are on a rise and will go on till 21 sept 2020 and further upto 10/10/2020. The Covid 19 conspiracy will go on till July 2021. And also over all activities related to hospitals, medical fields, pharmaceuticals, etc will go on till July 2021.

Possibly vaccine may not come before July 2021 or atleast they will try to extend their global disease campaign jointly with the pharma lobby till this period because the conspiracy and the agenda behind this is on world wide scale and it’s a game of billions and trillions of dollars involving organisations like the WHO, the Elite, rich families like the Rocker-fellers, the Rothschild, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundarion, World Bank, World economic Forum, UN, The John Hopkins center, CDC, shadow agencies within the government, secret societies like skull and bones and Freemasons, Gavy vaccine alliance etc.

Even if it comes before above date, it will still try to conspire many more things like rigid laws. Implementing new public policies, strict lockdown measures and other measures to restrict public movement, conspiracy within medical fields like hospitals, pharma lobby, freedom of movement and speech will be restricted, though also possible of some public interest litigation could be filed against the Covid conspiracy and all above can take place from now onwards upto July 2021. As the technical part is ruled by Saturn so it will also possibly impose stuffs like quantum dots / RFID micro chips on human body.

Already our health minister tweeted about bringing quantum dots sooner or later.
Obviously when it’s panic, fear and a pandemic, it’s natural for people to scream for help, vaccination and military support. Saturn is enemy of his own father Sun hence Saturn disobeys his father and doesn’t give us results as expected by us because the ruler ship is with Sun.

Saturn is “kaal” and has his own time cycle like his father but his time cycle takes 30 years to encircle the 12 zodiac signs hence it takes time. Saturn slows down and stretches every thing, it takes lot of time to control the disease and also at times stretches the same for longer periods.

As per Ayurved, there is nothing called Virus, yes bacteria, germs etc exist. Yes Toxins exist but not viruses as per the science of Ayurveda. If this is toxin then high possibility it can be a man made thing because toxins can be spread also with an intention of depopulation. Remaining God knows. Also high possibility this outbreak will touch each and every human on this planet till it reaches herd immunity and then disappears but that will consume the 1st half of 2021 also it seems.

Bharat B Bajaj

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