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Career Astrology – When Will I Get a Job?

career astrology
Post Date: September 16, 2020

Career Astrology – When Will I Get a Job?

Career Astrology: Nowadays people are very upset due to lack of good jobs, their entire childhood and youth in pursuit of a good future do not get a good job even by sacrificing in studies, many times the less educated and less qualified claimants are also good Job is obtained and they spend their life in complete prosperity! Why does this happen? Why despite working hard throughout life does not yield good results or desired results, is there any specific reason behind all these problems? If we see through Vedic astrology, then we definitely know the cause and prevention of these problems! Today I will try to tell you through my article that despite having good ability why you cannot get a good job and if you are looking for a job, when can you get a job!

First of all, we will try to know how the house of our horoscope works, I have told you in many of my previous articles that if someone comes to the right age in the life of a good house, then that age During that condition, that person gets all the happiness of life! What I mean to say is that if the condition of an auspicious house is going on at the time of looking for a job, then you get a good job and a high position, even if you have little ability or experience! And if the condition of an inauspicious house is going on during the age of 20 to 40, then despite having good experience and ability, good results are not achieved or the person will not be happy with the job they get! So is there any solution to these problems in astrology? Yes, if you get your horoscope inspected at the right time and wear the remedies related to the inauspicious house and the gems related to the auspicious planets, then there will definitely be a reduction in problems in your life and a better life!

Come, now we try to know which such house and house is present in your horoscope, in whose conditions you can get a good job and achieve a high position! First of all we will see the first house of horoscope, Ascendant and Ascendant house of Ascendant! If the position of auspicious planets in the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant is established in an auspicious house, then he can reach the higher position in his own state, but the condition is that the condition of that house should be in your middle age, if this condition You will not be able to give much benefit to Aaygi in your old age! The first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh house of the horoscope and the lord of these houses give success to the native during his work period! Some astrologers do not consider the sixth sense or its owner good for health, and this is also true, but on the basis of many circumstances, we can say otherwise, in my experience the sixth house and its master house will give you one Can make an officer of a higher position because the sixth sense and its owner is related to the job profession of the native!

The tenth and eleventh house and their master planets also have a deep connection with our progress! Because the tenth house is related to our employment and the eleventh house is related to our income! Now, if the position of auspicious planets and the lord of these houses are in auspicious position and the condition of these planets comes to your middle age, then you can become a possessor of a better lifestyle, job and higher status and earn a good income. Can!

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