Are You tensed not getting sucess in Business? Consult Today for Business Astrology Prediction

Post Date: August 21, 2020

Are You tensed not getting sucess in Business? Consult Today for Business Astrology Prediction

Are You tensed not getting success in Business? Consult Today for Prediction

Business astrology: The world revolves behind money, it is another matter that you cannot buy happiness and love from it. What will be the position of wealth in our life, it can be known from horoscope studies. What our horoscope says about money, and what will be our ability to reach wealth in life, it can be known from the horoscope. Some auspicious yogas located in the horoscope are the money factor, and the position of the planets in the horoscope is also an indicator of wealth arrival. The skill and ability of earning money can be indicated by yoga, condition, yoga etc. Especially from planets, zodiacs, expressions and other causal subjects. The position of money can be guided easily by studying horoscopes.

  • The people of Agni Pradhan Tattva (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) have the energy, passion and ability to take initiative, so to earn money, these people earn money from industries like book, wall-street stockbroker, police officer etc. Can.
  • Earth elements (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are logical, practical and are stable in the same occupation. People of these zodiac signs make it possible to come from the areas of education, health sector, which includes medical, nurse and service work, etc.
  • The people of Vayu tattva (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) have communication skills, inventive and intellectual. The natives of these zodiac signs can earn money through intellectual, communication means such as inventions / patents, philanthropy, technology and writing.
  • The people of the water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are) are comfortable, emotional and naturally artistic. They use their intuition to acquire wealth. Their work is beneficial in undertaking such as doctors, artists, doctors and religious leaders.

Wealth acquisition by planets

The planets affect all the small and big events of our life. What is going to happen in our life and how will the future be for us, it can be known according to the planetary position in the horoscope.

Planets also affect our ability to earn money. Jupiter and Saturn are mainly considered for earning money. If you are well placed in the horoscope then a person earns good money in his career. The first, second, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh expressions of the horoscope indicate the status of wealth. Guru planet is the causative planet of wealth. It is a planet symbolizing luck, children, optimism and auspiciousness. Saturn gives wealth through hard work and discipline, it has the ability to give benefits traditionally to a person. Along with giving personal and professional difficulties to the person, makes them disciplinary, hard working and laborious. A person affected by Shani does not run away from hard work, but faces obstacles and challenges with courage. By doing all this the person definitely gets success. Hardworking people eventually succeed.

Venus and Mercury are also studied in other planets to earn money. Both Moon, Venus and Mercury are seen for cash.

♠ Venus gives popularity and beauty to the person. Venus makes a person achieve wealth by performing his talent.

♠Many actors and models can be seen doing this. They are associated with a world that appreciates and appreciates beauty. It gives very artistic talent.

♠ The planet Mercury rules the communication, written, visual and non-verbal areas. Also, Mercury is an early decision-making planet, it also makes a person intelligent.

♠ For the attainment of wealth, mainly the owners of the center and the triangle are studied, their being in auspiciousness, making connections with the owners of auspicious sentiment, fulfills the wealth, position and desires. Conversely, if there are sinful planets in the eleventh house, then the person tries to earn money unfairly. The second house of the horoscope, the sixth house and the tenth house are known as Artha Bhava. If these three expressions are related among themselves, then there is no lack of meaning to the person. Similarly, the triangle expressions are also considered to be inauspicious for the arrival of wealth.

♠Owner of one triangle house to another triangle house makes money easy. Owners of the center and triangle expressions have some kind of connection with each other, giving wealth, value and respect. If the triangle and the center are visible with auspicious sentiments or under the influence of the auspicious planets, then there is no lack of any kind of wealth in the life of a person. In the case of Aayesh, Bhagyesh and Lagnesh, chances are made for the arrival of wealth and the attainment of auspicious results.

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