Breaking Down Bad Karma in Karmic Cycle ~ Karmic Coach

breaking down bad karma
Post Date: January 1, 2022

Breaking Down Bad Karma in Karmic Cycle ~ Karmic Coach

Today special Hare Krishna blessings with New year Wishes to all ….

A karmic cycle is a pattern that is meant to teach you a life lesson. Guessing you all are also suffering from similar/same kind of problems in your life again and again related to anything like a relationship, personal life, professional life, social life, monetary things, lifestyle, health, etc (because we all have different karma’s, destiny, life purpose, aim, goals, etc.). Those People who are living a glamorous life does not necessarily mean ‘they are living the best, healthiest or peaceful life’. So Please don’t copy them.

Universe is giving you the signs to Stop/break this cycle! But the question from all is how ?

SIMPLE By the Practice of Bhakti-Yoga (doing activities for the pleasure of the Lord Krishna) we can get rid of karma & break our karmic cycle. This one is not for everyone, but it is my favourite.

(Based Upon My Personal Experiences)

1.  Very important thing is ‘Forgiveness’. Yes, you can forgive them. It will nullify your karmic debts and bring peace in your life. It’s very simple to tell here but a brave heart require to do it. Holding grudges and staying mad at someone are some of the ways to slow down your spiritual growth. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it but emotions are a big part of every human’s life and they definitely shape our everyday life.

2. Next important thing is ‘Adopt a healthy lifestyle’. Yes, look for problematic food or eating habits and improve them! As per Bhagavad Gita, one must consume Satvik meals and serve the meals to the supreme lord before consumption.

3. Break your Karmic Cycle by ‘Changing your direction’. Yes, now, it’s time for change to break this problematic cycle. I know change is not easy then please change your direction. Learn to trust your intuition because it will never lead you wrong.

4. ‘Don’t chase anything or anyone’. Yes, instead of chasing, focus/work on yourself. Spread love, happiness & care so that no one could replace you! Don’t be obsessed with wealth/materialistic things, better to work hard, learn & work on your skills and put in efforts, then all good things will come into your life!

5. Learn from your mistakes & problems and don’t repeat it. According to me, Peaceful life is the luckiest life! So, focus on living a peaceful & happy life! Keep doing good karma because it will also help to reduce your problems. Your good karma will attract right people, solutions & right direction!

This is my personal advice to everyone. If you seriously want to do remedies and want to improve your karma & stars then please do stand for right people in the right situation and with right people. Even I do face a lot of problems in my life. Still, I do stand for the right situation. My point is that please do stand for good things and follow the good karma path. Always do justice with yourself and others. Move forward, fearlessly. This journey is silent and tedious, and many won’t understand what you are doing. But always remember, no good deeds goes unnoticed.

The law of karma is inescapable. Until all our lessons are learned, we’re bound to repeat the experience of life in this form.

Om Shanti & Hare Krishna all Blessed Souls..


Karmic Coach, Occult Expert

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