Astrology Remedies for Rahu | How to reduce the effects of Rahu Dosh in Horoscope

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Post Date: March 22, 2021

Astrology Remedies for Rahu | How to reduce the effects of Rahu Dosh in Horoscope

Here we dig deep into the ill effects of Rahu on you and the significance of Rahu Dosh in Horoscope and how it affects various aspects of your Life. we also give you a detailed insight on remedies for Rahu Dosh. Rahu is considered to be the shadow planet and also termed as Swarbhanu in Astrology terms. It is also called the Dragon’s head and the north node of the Moon. Did you know that having Rahu Dosh can have many ill effects on your life but knowing everything about it can help you reduce the effects. It is due to this characteristic that it is also known as Bhayanka. Rahu is definitely one of the most feared and it is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Raa’ which denotes it being Secretive and Mysterious.

Effects of Rahu on different houses

Let us dive deep into the characteristics of Rahu. The planet of Rahu is characterized as violent, mischievous, secretive and mysterious. The Rahu Dosh in birth can make a person less religious and is said to induce unwanted situations when its in your Horoscope. Rahu also magnifies the basic characteristic of a planet when it combines with it as it starts functioning as  a planet itself. Your situations and Circumstances in Life also changes when Rahu is placed in other houses as well. Let us understand it with more details:

Rahu dosh remedies

1. Rahu in the 1st House:

In the 1st House, Rahu is a rich administrator and the evil effects of Rahu ends after 42 years. Changes in jobs and disturbance in married life is pretty much evident.


2. Rahu in the 2nd House:-

If Rahu is in the 2nd house then it is unfavorable for family and wealth and the chances of accidents and injuries are very high and the native is supposed to be very careful.


3. Rahu in the 3rd House:-

The people with Rahu on their 3rd House is supposed to hold a good reputation in the society and standing against them can be difficult. They also have a great foresight and they are make their dreams come true


4. Rahu in the 4th House:-

The 4th house belongs to Moon, which is an enemy of Rahu and the natives may be naturally intelligent, wealthy and spend a lot of money on sensible things.


5. Rahu in the 5th House:-

The 5th House belongs to the Sun, which signifies male offspring and the person with Rahu on their 5th house may be rich, wise and hold a good healthy lifestyle.


6. Rahu in the 6th House:-

The 6th House is influenced by Mercury or Ketu. Here the Rahu is exalted and provides good unexpected results and they may also be inclined towards spending money on clothes and enjoying life to its fullest is also very high.


7. Rahu in the 7th House:-

With the 7th House, the natives will be rich, but there might be adverse ill health issues with their spouses. Their chances of attaining victory over their enemies are also very high.


8. Rahu in the 8th House:-

The 8th House is concerned with Saturn and Mars, so Rahu in this house can have bad effects like spending money on court cases and getting in trouble are on the cards.


9. Rahu in the 9th House:-

The 9th House is influenced by the planet of Jupiter. There seems to be a good connections with siblings and they may not be very religious and chances of negative influence are very high.


10. Rahu in the 10th House:-

The good or bad results here depend upon the position of the Saturn. If the Saturn is well placed then it is supposed to bring, long life, braveness and also bring respects from all fields.


11. Rahu in the 11th House:-

This House is influenced by both Saturn and Jupiter. Natives could become rich as long as their father is alive but there is a great chances of coming under the influence of wicked friends.


12. Rahu in the 12th House:-

The 12th House belongs to Jupiter and it signifies mental troubles and insomnia to the person with rahu in their 12th house. It also leads to excessive expenses to their sisters and daughters.


Vedic Remedies for people with Rahu Dosh

  • Staying a joint and big family is also considered a good remedy to adverse or lessen effects.
  • Feeding birds is also an effective way to lessen Rahu’s ill effects.
  • Natives with malefic Rahu in their horoscope should also donate or gift copper items to their loved ones
  • The natives may have marital problems and keeping 5 radishes on the bedside of the spouse and throwing them in flowing water in the morning of 5 Saturdays can be an effective remedy
  • did you know that storing water in your home in the south-west corner  is also one an effective remedy for Rahu.
  • Wearing dark blue colored clothes as much as possible is also a good way to reduce Rahu from horoscope.
  • You can also try keeping a peacock feather with you to lessen the effect.
  • You should also try to avoid taking anything without paying a penny or anything
  • Keeping and feeding dogs from time to time can also be one of the remedies for Rahu.
  • If Rahu is unfavorable, you should always cover your head with a cap, scarf, or turban whose color can be dark blue

Precautions before doing Rahu remedies

These are the common and tested Rahu remedies which might be done by anyone. A lot of over these remedies area unit religious aboard moral and ethical which might be practiced while not abundant effort . However the degree of profit extracted from these remedies for Rahu  depends on alternative influencing factors like class of affliction, severity, consistency of performance, muhurtha and religious inclination as well your level of spirituality. 

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