Astrology breakup transits | Astrology Remedies for Love and breakup | Sri Astro Vastu

Astrology Remedies for breakup
Post Date: April 5, 2021

Astrology breakup transits | Astrology Remedies for Love and breakup | Sri Astro Vastu

Breakups are frightful! Astrology transits for breakup are the cause of your breakup but it is a fact that it is very hard to handle breakup?  Everyone has a question in mind why break-up occur in my life but we don’t find answer so lets us learn more about how to overcome breakup. But through astrology breakup transits, it will be very easy to understand why break-up place in relationship because transits in a person chart so lets us explore more about Astrology remedies for breakup. If Venus, mars and Rahu are present in the 6th house will also lead to break-up. And if presence of any planet in the 8th house will face love and relationship break up.


Love, Relationship and Breakup astrology

Love and relationship breakup is not the easy task to deal with. It takes great inner strength and courage to handle breakup yet some find it difficult to overcome from this situation.  Are you facing breakup and questioning and thinking Why my relationship falling and facing heartbreak?  According to breakup astrologer sometimes wrong with horoscope and planets transit in our chart will be responsible in love and relationship breakup. Every Zodiac sign reacts to love breakups differently.  Let’s take advice from love and relationship breakup astrology.


Planets which affect Breakup

Some planets transit in horoscope are the reason behind love and relationship ending. Malefic planets affecting breakup and Rahu, Sun are also the planets which affect breakup. Mangal dosh is also a reason for breakup.

Planets transit in horoscope which lead to breakup:

  • Saturn combination with Venus will lead relationship breakup. As Venus is responsible for the success in love but if in your chart Venus is weak it can also lead breakup.
  • In the 5th house in kundli if the Rahu and Ketu effect the 5th house lord, relationship will not end happily.
  • 7th house relates to marriage but if Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are weak in 7th house they will create struggle in marriage.
  • Moon in astrology is known as ruler of feelings, emotions and thoughts. If malefic planets, Rahu, Ketu and moon comes together in horoscope, it can cause break up.
  • Moon is weak in the 6th, 8th and 12th house in kundli, your love relationship will come to an end.


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Overcoming breakup | Astrology Remedies for breakup

Some remedies to overcome breakup through astrology:

  • Should worship the light moon to overcome heartaches.
  • Worshipping goddess Druga and lord Ganesh also help to bring positivity within and stress free.
  • If planet Sun over shadows the moon, it will get chances to deal with breakup.
  • Water the planets and take care of them and feed food to animals and birds.
  • Clean up the room and house for more positive vibes.

Now it’s time to be strong and give up and forget the pain and start a new life with a new beginning and positive vibes. So, let’s consult and take advice regarding love and breakup astrology, who will help you to overcome the heartaches and solve love and relationship problem.


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