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A 13 Years Old Blogger TRINA DAM  on Compassion.

Post Date: September 17, 2020

A 13 Years Old Blogger TRINA DAM  on Compassion.

An ant is a very small insect, they cannot live many years like humans but has the possibilities and the abilities which is impossible for humans.

Have you thought any day that how many ants and small insects we kill everyday while walking and also intentionally? 

Also have we ever thought that when we kill them intentionally then how painful time they pass nature doesn’t believe in us that is the reverse we believe in nature. If nature is not there we would be vanished at a glance  The thing which we cannot live without then why are we destroying them.I think it had never came in our  mind. But I think we should really do this .It is obvious that while walking we kill a lot of ants not only that, we also kill many other insects as well as animals.

Ants are very innocent i think all insects and natural things are innocent .Nature means everything related with  the world whether it may be plants or atmosphere or animals but due to us human beings they are destroying. People may think it’s not a big thing to think about but it’s really a big issue . why do we run our car at so much speed that one animal will lost its life.

The world is of everyone. Everyone has their right to live . Its to much embarrassing for me when people just ignore nature and also there are a few types of people those who are really strange when any street dog passes through their house they splash water on their body WHATS THIS? I have also seen that when we celebrate holi then also few people give colours to the street dogs and other street animals they doesn’t have this minimum sense that  their fur doesn’t suit this things. If you think that ant is a very small insect but they have a large identity in nature. They may be small but they are very sensitive They gets to know about the weather earlier than humans. Let me give u a small example sometimes we can observe that whenever ants come upwards rather than living in sand then we can clearly understand that rain will take place soon. And also they collect food earlier in summer season because they cannot come out from their anthill in rainy season .Thinking about their future they collect their food .

They also have capacity in their body that they can carry high weight staffs than their body weight. As I said earlier that in nature we have many thing which have higher possibilities and abilities than human . we can also get to know from our dear ants that unity is strength I think you have seen ,whenever any ant travels from one place to another then they always go together they never travels alone even if they are dying then also all ants gather together for living so we can also learn moral values from them so I request everyone to save your nature .  Remember that if u go inside about  that YOU will feel how nice and diligent it is. 



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