Post Date: June 5, 2020

Celebrating 1st Anniversary , Thank you for being a part of our journey this year.

Dear valued Clients, Well Wishers, Friends & Family: This Thanksgiving, we want to share our genuine appreciation with you. Without you, we would not be where we are today, and we’re so thankful for all of your support throughout the year.

Abhinash Joshi >>>> Sanjay Agarwal is different from other astrologers. He gave me accurate predictions about my daughter’s studies and profession. He also tells some simple remedies which give me powerful results.
Date & Time 24-07-2019 01:03

Prashant K. Sharma >>>> Sriastrovastu.com website is very much popular in India. Many people visits for knowing their future. This website is very good and pandit ji Sanjay Agarwal is well known and trusted person for the future prediction. Here I would like to mention that astrology always 99% correct. You can take any example it can’t be correct 100%. The website is easy to use and one must use it for prediction of the future.
Date & Time 24-07-2019 01:14

Shaival Shah >>>> Thank you for your guidance for my future. It really is of great help. I surely will follow your suggestions given. Thank you, Shaival Shah
Date & Time 02-09-2019 02:11

Pradip Agarwal >>>> Very good consultancy with positive solution. Results can be seen after implementation of recommended changes. All the best sanjay bhai.
Date & Time 06-09-2019 06:30

PRITI BERLIA >>>> Recently,sriastrovastu made a kundali of mine and also one of my cousin…..I found as far as accurate rather than others…some things are matching with my current situations as per their prediction…..I am trusting on it….thank you
Date & Time 07-09-2019 12:46

Surbhi jain >>>> Thankyou for the predction it will surely help
Date & Time 09-09-2019 01:20

Praveen bohra >>>> Very good explanation . I am thinking to order horoscope of all members of my family. So that with guruji blessing I can take care of them.
Date & Time 11-09-2019 04:18

Julie Gidra >>>> The prediction was very helpful as it made us aware of certain things and help take precautions Also, a few solutions that you gave has really helped us Really look forward for more sessions with you
Date & Time 28-09-2019 04:31

Pradip Agarwal >>>> One of the finest and most practical astrolger cum vastu consultant Sanjay Agarwal
Date & Time 24-10-2019 05:00

naresh agarwal >>>> very much scientific concept of vastu well explained by sanjay ji moreover without much of demolition there is solution for vastu Dosha.love to know more about it and suggest to give suggestion in detail
Date & Time 06-11-2019 10:13

Diksha >>>> Sri Astro Vastu reaches you in less than 1 hour to solve your problems. Provide you predictions and remedies to overcome from problems. They also provide a Happiness Program- Art of Living. The Happiness Program offers research-based tools and techniques that helps you discover ways to lead a healthier and happier life.
Date & Time 06-12-2019 12:12

Vinay gogna >>>> Thanx sir for answering my questions related to my career. Your predictions are really good .you are doing great work
Date & Time 19-01-2020 02:50

Manpreet >>>> Very nice way of providing their service. Keep it up. Thank you
Date & Time 09-02-2020 02:57

Ranajay dam >>>> I came to astrovastu for my professional work and met with Sanjay jee and he just changed my Life. Give me such original directions towards Life. Such an amazing astrological view you have. Wish you achieve your ADHMATHIK destination Regards Ranajay dam Chief Advisor LICI Siliguri
Date & Time 28-02-2020 03:10

Meghal >>>> Very clear & useful guidance Date & Time
05-03-2020 02:49

Sreeprabha >>>> Gud prediction not like other astrologers who asking money for astrology prediction for mins business
Date & Time 07-04-2020 01:15

Hemant >>>> I contacted Panditji, he gave me prediction n also told me remedies about the problems. Panditji told me about my problems so accurately that I started shedding my tears.I will be in touch

Date & Time 08-04-2020 04:55

Dattatreya Nandagiri >>>> Excellent on line chat service… very very courteous in chatting… immediately response… immensely Happy… May god bless you
Date & Time 23-04-2020 03:46

K. Nikhitha >>>> I’m happy for sriastrovastu services. It gives the details at lower price. Thank you . Jai guru Dev.
Date & Time 25-04-2020 05:51

Rashmi >>>> Very helpful and positive. Good knowledge and remedies provided, I am going to follow every thing throughly.
Date & Time 26-04-2020 05:51

Monica Arora >>>> Thankful to you and your guidance. You have really given m hope to live n start to live again all odds of my life..best astro guidance till date Thank you so much
Date & Time 01-05-2020 10:50

Revati >>>> Your predictions gave strength and definitely I will do the remedies.
Date & Time 05-05-2020 04:05

Vikas Yadav >>>> I had got prediction via WhatsApp. They are predicted with patience and cool to my questions. Am looking to that moment they are predicted my marriage.
Date & Time 05-05-2020 02:07

Vishal sharma >>>> Guru ji ke upay Shani dev ke upayo se bhahoot labh Mila he is wright calculation of life
Date & Time 05-05-2020 03:08

D.chandrakala >>>> I did get a clear answer when will achieve property like house ,money,car n will again get any proposal for life patner.
Date & Time 05-05-2020 03:12

Michael Joachim Ganpat >>>> I must say, sriastrovastu consists of some awesome, empatehetic and humble people. Good services, highly recommended!!
Date & Time 10-05-2020 12:37

K. Nikhitha >>>> Predictor was so cool. Speaking with him had given me positive energy. And response was very helpful and pleasant.
Date & Time 11-05-2020 12:18

Vishnu Pillai >>>> It was quite honest and described my situation in a best way but can be a bit more elaborated about our one question apart from that it’s great
Date & Time 12-05-2020 09:06

Manasa >>>> I had a great experience by contacting astro vastu… Very much helpful.. hope for the best to happen
Date & Time 13-05-2020 12:15

Naghma Khan >>>> Very much interactive .Thank you so much.M totaly satisfied
Date & Time 15-05-2020 08:39

Parul tyagi >>>> It was very nice talking to you.thanking you for giving me valuable information and give me so much positivity.
Date & Time 21-05-2020 08:20

Prashanth >>>> All most everything u told right sir and I feel this will make me more strong and u are superb guruji
Date & Time 22-05-2020 03:44

Shiwali Bisht >>>> M glad i Crossed uo page ..and m v much satisfied with uo predictions. ,I am relaxed a bit now and will work on the remedies …hoping for the best .
Date & Time 27-05-2020 09:05

Pradip Kumar Agarwal >>>> I contacted Sanjay Bhaiya Ji on 16th May 2020 and after talking to him I am feeling very much relaxed. He suggested me some mantra and do not to do things which I am following. I am very happy to talk to him and get guided feels like I am talking to God sharing all my issue without hesitation and he is explaining and guiding me one to one. He is always available and I love his friendly behaviour. I am very much grateful to astro vastu and sanjay bhaiya for assistance and positive vibes. Thank you very much I am falling short of words but from inner space I to to much greatful and grounded.
Date & Time 27-05-2020 09:23

Suresh kumar joshi >>>> सर का प्रेडिक्शन मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा और उन्होंने जो जो बात बताइए वह सही रही और आज तक बाकी लोगों से जो बातें हुई और उनसे जो संतुष्टि नहीं मिली वह मुझे सर के प्रेडिक्शन से मिली धन्यवाद
Date & Time 02-06-2020 04:02

Surbhi Vijayavargiya >>>> It was wonderful talking to Sanjay ji. Very accurate predictions. It was like a big load is taken away from my head. I wil follow his advice religiously. Thanks a lot for giving his precious time n advice. Thanks….
Date & Time 05-06-2020 06:27

Kaavya Singhal >>>> It was a great session. All my queries were answered. Very satisfied.
Date & Time 05-06 2020 06:51:00

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